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Gravely, F. H. (1935a). Notes on Indian mygalomorph spiders. II. Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta 37: 69-84. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Annandaliella pectinifera Theraphosidae 78, f. 2c-d (Dmf) Annandaliella pectinifera
Atypus sutherlandi Atypidae 70, f. 1b-c (Dmf) Atypus sutherlandi
Damarchus bifidus Bemmeridae 70, f. 1a (Dm) Damarchus bifidus
Haploclastus tenebrosus Theraphosidae 79, f. 3a (Dm) Haploclastus tenebrosus
Heterophrictus blatteri Theraphosidae 76, f. 2a (Dmf) Plesiophrictus blatteri
Lyrognathus crotalus Theraphosidae 83, f. 3d (Dm) Selenocosmia pugnax
Neoheterophrictus madraspatanus Theraphosidae 77, f. 2b (Dmf) Plesiophrictus madraspatanus
Selenocosmia sutherlandi Theraphosidae 83, f. 3c (Dm) Selenocosmia sutherlandi
Thrigmopoeus insignis Theraphosidae 81, f. 3b (Dm) Thrigmopoeus insignis
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