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Exline, H. (1936b). New and little known species of Tegenaria (Araneida: Agelenidae). Psyche 43: 21-26. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Calymmaria emertoni Cybaeidae 22, pl. 1, f. 4 (Df) Tegenaria quadrata
Calymmaria emertoni Cybaeidae 25, f. 2 (mf, misidentified) Tegenaria californica
Calymmaria nana Cybaeidae 23, pl. 1, f. 1 (f, Dm) Tegenaria nana
Eratigena agrestis Agelenidae 23, pl. 1, f. 3 (Dm) Tegenaria magnacava
Eratigena duellica Agelenidae 21, pl. 1, f. 3 (m) Tegenaria gigantea
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