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Lawrence, R. F. (1936). Scientific results of the Vernay-Lang Kalahari Expedition, March to September 1930. Spiders (Ctenizidae excepted). Annals of the Transvaal Museum 17: 145-158. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allocosa pallideflava Lycosidae 156, f. 8 (Df) Lycosa pallide-flava
Argiope trifasciata Araneidae 152 Metargyope trifasciata
Capheris fitzsimonsi Zodariidae 149, f. 3 (Df) Capheris fitzsimonsi
Capheris langi Zodariidae 150, f. 4 (Df) Capheris langi
Ceratogyrus darlingi Theraphosidae 145 (Df) Ceratogyrus bechuanicus
Cheiracanthium vansoni Cheiracanthiidae 155, f. 7 (Df) Cheiracanthium vansoni
Diaphorocellus biplagiatus Palpimanidae 149 (Dm [probably belongs to D. helveolus after Zonstein, Marusik & Omelko, 2016b: 94]) Iheringia biplagiata
Diores delicatulus Zodariidae 151, f. 5 (Dm) Diores delicatula
Olios darlingi Sparassidae 155 Olios darlingi
Paradonea splendens Eresidae 146 (Dm) Adonea splendens
Peucetia striata Oxyopidae 158 Peucetia fasciiventris kunenensis
Platythomisus deserticola Thomisidae 154, f. 6 (Df) Platythomisus desericolus
Pterinochilus lugardi Theraphosidae 145 (Df) [] Harpactirella flavipilosa
Thomisus kalaharinus Thomisidae 153 (Df) Thomisus kalaharinus
Xerophaeus robustus Gnaphosidae 147, f. 1 (Df) Xerophaeus robustus
Zelotes radiatus Gnaphosidae 148, f. 2 (Df) Zelotes solitaria
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