Included taxa

Chamberlin, R. V. (1940a). New American tarantulas of the family Aviculariidae. Bulletin of the University of Utah 30(13): 1-39. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aphonopelma anax Theraphosidae 34 (Dmf) Dugesiella anax
Aphonopelma armada Theraphosidae 32 (Df) Dugesiella armada
Aphonopelma baergi Theraphosidae 19 (Df) Aphonopelma baergi
Aphonopelma chalcodes Theraphosidae 15 (Dm) [] Aphonopelma apacheum
Aphonopelma chalcodes Theraphosidae 7 (Dmf) Aphonopelma chalcodes
Aphonopelma cratium Theraphosidae 18 (Dmf) Aphonopelma cratius
Aphonopelma eustathes Theraphosidae 33 (Dm) Dugesiella eustathes
Aphonopelma eutylenum Theraphosidae 10 (Dm) [] Aphonopelma clarum
Aphonopelma eutylenum Theraphosidae 16 (Dmf) [] Aphonopelma cryptethus
Aphonopelma eutylenum Theraphosidae 9 (Dmf) Aphonopelma eutylenum
Aphonopelma griseum Theraphosidae 13 (Df) Aphonopelma griseum
Aphonopelma hentzi Theraphosidae 35 (Df) [] Dugesiella coloradana
Aphonopelma hentzi Theraphosidae 36 (Dm) [] Dugesiella echina
Aphonopelma hentzi Theraphosidae 37 (Df) [] Dugesiella harlingena
Aphonopelma hentzi Theraphosidae 38 (Dm) [] Dugesiella wacona
Aphonopelma hentzi Theraphosidae 35 (Dm) [] Dugesiella wichitana
Aphonopelma iodius Theraphosidae 11 (Dm; N.B.: specific name is a neuter comparative adjective) [] Aphonopelma brunnius
Aphonopelma iodius Theraphosidae 12 (Dm) Aphonopelma nevadanum
Aphonopelma iodius Theraphosidae 21 (Dmf) Aphonopelma angusi
Aphonopelma iodius Theraphosidae 14 (Dm) [] Aphonopelma lithodomum
Aphonopelma iodius Theraphosidae 24 (Dm) [] Aphonopelma zionis
Aphonopelma marxi Theraphosidae 26 (Dmf) [] Aphonopelma behlei
Aphonopelma moderatum Theraphosidae 29 (Df) [] Aphonopelma heterops
Aphonopelma nayaritum Theraphosidae 23 (Dm) Aphonopelma nayaritum
Aphonopelma phasmus Theraphosidae 28 (Dm) Aphonopelma phasmus
Aphonopelma prosoicum Theraphosidae 13 (Dm) Aphonopelma prosoicus
Aphonopelma radinum Theraphosidae 30 Chaunopelma radinum
Aphonopelma ruedanum Theraphosidae 25 (Dm) Aphonopelma ruedanum
Aphonopelma steindachneri Theraphosidae 24 (Dm) [] Aphonopelma phanus
Aphonopelma steindachneri Theraphosidae 8 (Dmf) [] Aphonopelma reversum
Clavopelma tamaulipeca Theraphosidae 30 (Tmf from Eurypelma=Avicularia) Clavopelma tamaulipeca
Neischnocolus panamanus Theraphosidae 39 (Tf from Eurypelma=Avicularia) Barropelma parvior
Psalmopoeus intermedius Theraphosidae 39 (Df) Psalmopoeus intermedius
Sericopelma rubronitens Theraphosidae 20 (Df) Aphonopelma balboanum
Sericopelma rubronitens Theraphosidae 20 (Df) Aphonopelma consocius
Genus Family Page
Barropelma Chamberlin, 1940 Theraphosidae 39
Clavopelma Chamberlin, 1940 Theraphosidae 30