Included taxa

Gertsch, W. J. & Mulaik, S. (1940). The spiders of Texas. I. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 77: 307-340. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Chisosa diluta Pholcidae 320, f. 27-28 (Df) Pholcophora diluta
Cinetomorpha sedata Oonopidae 325 (Df; N.B.: misplaced in this genus, per Platnick & Dupérré, 2009a: 4) Opopaea sedata
Dictyna annexa Dictynidae 331 (S, rejected) Dictyna idahoana
Dictyna bellans Dictynidae 329 (S, rejected) Dictyna longispina
Dictyna calcarata Dictynidae 330 (Df) Dictyna calcarata
Dictyna crosbyi Dictynidae 331, f. 29 (Df) Dictyna crosbyi
Dictyna idahoana Dictynidae 332, f. 19 (m) Dictyna idahoana
Dictyna personata Dictynidae 329, f. 20-21 (Dm) Dictyna personata
Dictyna secuta Dictynidae 328, f. 30, 32 (Df) Dictyna bishopi
Diguetia imperiosa Diguetidae 317 (Dmf) Diguetia imperiosa
Emblyna consulta Dictynidae 328, f. 31 (Df) Dictyna montgomeryi
Emblyna evicta Dictynidae 332, f. 18 (Dm) Dictyna evicta
Emblyna iviei Dictynidae 327 (Df) Dictyna iviei
Emblyna reticulata Dictynidae 329 (f) Dictyna reticulata
Euagrus chisoseus Euagridae 308, f. 8, 13 (Dmf) Euagrus ravenus
Euagrus chisoseus Euagridae 309, f. 7, 12 (Dmf) Euagrus apacheus
Eucteniza relata Euctenizidae 310, f. 1-4, 26 (Dmf) [] Astrosoga stolida
Lathys delicatula Dictynidae 326 (Dm) Scotolathys delicatulus
Loxosceles arizonica Sicariidae 317 (Dmf) Loxosceles arizonicus
Loxosceles devia Sicariidae 316 (Dmf) Loxosceles devius
Loxosceles reclusa Sicariidae 317 (Dmf) Loxosceles reclusus
Mallos pallidus Dictynidae 327 Mallos eutypus
Mexitlia trivittata Dictynidae 327 Mallos trivittatus
Mimetus haynesi Mimetidae 333, f. 5-6 (Dm) Mimetus haynesi
Orthonops lapanus Caponiidae 324, f. 16 (Dmf) Orthonops lapanus
Phantyna bicornis Dictynidae 330, f. 24-25 (Dm) Dictyna annamae
Phantyna provida Dictynidae 332, f. 19 (Dm) Dictyna ingenuata
Phantyna segregata Dictynidae 327 (Dm) Dictyna segregata
Physocyclus enaulus Pholcidae 320 (Sm) Physocyclus enaulus
Psilochorus imitatus Pholcidae 321, f. 17 (Dmf) Psilochorus imitatus
Psilochorus redemptus Pholcidae 322 (Dmf) Psilochorus redemptus
Scytodes zapatana Scytodidae 318 (Df) Scytodes zapatana
Tivyna petrunkevitchi Dictynidae 330, f. 22-23 (Df) Dictyna petrunkevitchi
Ummidia audouini Halonoproctidae 311, f. 10 (Df) [] Pachylomerides absolutus
Ummidia beatula Halonoproctidae 312, f. 11 (Df) Pachylomerides beatulus
Ummidia funerea Halonoproctidae 313, f. 14-15 (Dm) [] Pachylomerides celsus
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