Included taxa

Bryant, E. B. (1941). Notes on the spider fauna of New England. Psyche, Cambridge 48(4): 129-146. doi:10.1155/1941/41692 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Attulus pubescens Salticidae 143, f. 2 (mf) Sitticus pubescens
Floricomus nasutus Linyphiidae 136 (unnecessary replacement name for F. n., erroneously believed preoccupied by Histagonia nasuta Simon, 1894a: 585, which is just a lapsus for Histagonia rostrata (Emerton, 1882)) Floricomus emertoni
Hahnia glacialis Hahniidae 132, f. 1 (Df) Hahnia monticola
Micaria delicatula Gnaphosidae 138 (Dmf) Micaria delicatula
Nesticus cellulanus Nesticidae 135 (S) Nesticus cellulanus
Pisaurina mira Pisauridae 134 Dapanus mirus
No genus found for this reference