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Roewer, C. F. (1942a). Katalog der Araneae von 1758 bis 1940. Bremen 1, 1-1040. download pdf download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acartauchenius hamulifer Linyphiidae 710 (lapsus) Wubana hamifera
Aculepeira armida Araneidae 791 (replacement name) Aranea sericina
Aculepeira talishia Araneidae 788 (lapsus for A. noseki) Aranea kariae
Agyneta emertoni Linyphiidae 521 (replacement name) Microneta emertoni
Agyneta resima Linyphiidae 517 Meioneta resima
Agyneta rurestris Linyphiidae 515 Aprolagus forensis
Alpaida alticeps Araneidae 879 Verrucosa alticeps
Alpaida calotypa Araneidae 848 (replacement name for Epeira nigropunctata) Aranea nigropunctatula
Alpaida citrina Araneidae 839 (superfluous replacement name for Epeira citrina Keyserling, preoccupied in Araneus by Fourcroy, 1785) Aranea citrinella
Alpaida conica Araneidae 839 (superfluous replacement name for A. conica, preoccupied in Araneus by Pallas, 1772) Aranea coniformis
Alpaida trilineata Araneidae 854 (replacement name for Epeira trilineata) Aranea trisignata
Ami obscura Theraphosidae 240 Eurypelma obscurum
Aname platypus Nemesiidae 196 Aname platypus
Ancylotrypa rufescens Cyrtaucheniidae 169 Pelmatorycter rufescens
Anelosimus analyticus Theridiidae 588 (replacement name for L. dorsalis) Linyphia dorsatula
Arachnura caudatella Araneidae 752 (replacement name) Arachnura caudatella
Araneus cylindriformis Araneidae 840 (replacement name) Aranea cylindriformis
Araneus depressatulus Araneidae 826 (replacement name) Aranea depressatula
Araneus flavosignatus Araneidae 817 (replacement name) Aranea flavosignata
Araneus formosellus Araneidae 817 (replacement name) Aranea formosella
Araneus fulvellus Araneidae 817 (replacement name) Aranea fulvella
Araneus fuscinotus Araneidae 808 (elevated to species) Aranea fuscinotum
Araneus guttatus Araneidae 852 (replacement name) Aranea similella
Araneus lenzi Araneidae 810 (replacement name) Araneus lenzi
Araneus luteofaciens Araneidae 810 (replacement name) Aranea luteofaciens
Araneus madagascaricus Araneidae 810 Aranea madagascaricus
Araneus mitificus Araneidae 886 Zygiella nawazi
Araneus nigrodecoratus Araneidae 811 Aranea nigrodecorata
Araneus ocellatulus Araneidae 849 (replacement name) Aranea ocellatula
Araneus pulcherrimus Araneidae 790 (replacement name) Aranea pulcherrima
Araneus pulchriformis Araneidae 831 (replacement name) Aranea pulchriformis
Araneus punctipedellus Araneidae 812 Aranea punctipedellus
Araneus rainbowi Araneidae 832 (replacement name) Aranea rainbowi
Araneus rufipes Araneidae 838 (replacement name for Epeira rufipes) Aranea cambridgei
Araneus separatus Araneidae 833 (replacement name) Aranea separata
Araneus sinistrellus Araneidae 852 (replacement name) Aranea sinistrella
Araneus strigatellus Araneidae 814 Aranea strigatella
Araneus tamerlani Araneidae 834 (replacement name) Aranea tamerlani
Araneus thorelli Araneidae 821 (replacement name) Aranea thorelli
Araneus urquharti Araneidae 835 (replacement name) Aranea urquharti
Araneus ventricosus Araneidae 820 (replacement name for Aranea pia) Aranea piata
Araneus vulvarius Araneidae 821 (lapsus) Aranea vulgaris
Arcuphantes arcuatulus Linyphiidae 560 (replacement name) Lepthyphantes arcuatulus
Argiope argentata Araneidae 843 (replacement name for Epeira gracilis) Aranea gracilenta
Argyrodes kualensis Theridiidae 433 (lapsus) Argyrodina hualensis
Argyrodes kulczynskii Theridiidae 434 (replacement name) Argyrodina kulczynskii
Argyrodes rainbowi Theridiidae 435 (replacement name) Argyrodina rainbowi
Asceua elegans Zodariidae 361 (replacement name for A. e., preoccupied in Storena) Storena thorelli
Avicularia doleschalli Theraphosidae 239 Eurypelma doleschalli
Backobourkia heroine Araneidae 835 (replacement name for "Epeira ventricosa Urquhart" which is just a lapsus, but since the intended Urquhart name is actually preoccupied, Roewer's replacement name can be used) Aranea ventricosella
Bathyphantes eumenis Linyphiidae 674 (replacement name) Bathyphantes emertoni
Bathyphantes rainbowi Linyphiidae 672 (replacement name) Bathyphantes rainbowi
Canariphantes zonatus lucifugus Linyphiidae 556 Lepthyphantes zonatus lucifugus
Caracladus leberti Linyphiidae 696 (replacement name) Plaesiocraerus leberti
Catumiri parvum Theraphosidae 241 Eurypelma parvum
Centromerus ictericus Linyphiidae 546 (replacement name for L. ictericus) [] Lepthyphantes eugeni
Ceraticelus tibialis Linyphiidae 607 (unnecessary replacement name; see discussion in Buckle et al., 2001: 107) Ceraticelus tibiatulus
Chrysometa aureola Tetragnathidae 886 Zygiella aureola
Chrysometa guttata Tetragnathidae 887 Zygiella guttata
Chrysso albomaculata Theridiidae 492 (replacement name for Argyrodes elegans) Theridion emendatum
Chrysso cambridgei Theridiidae 498 (replacement name for C. splendidum) Theridion splendens
Chrysso pulchra Theridiidae 498 (replacement name for Achaea signata) Theridion signatellum
Chrysso vexabilis Theridiidae 498 (replacement name for Steatoda rubicunda) Theridion rubicundulum
Chrysso vittatula Theridiidae 439 (replacement name) Argyrodina vittatula
Colaranea verutum Araneidae 835 Aranea viriditas hastata
Colaranea verutum Araneidae 835 Aranea viriditas lineola
Colaranea verutum Araneidae 835 Aranea viriditas veruina
Cryptachaea dromedariformis Theridiidae 491 (replacement name) Theridion dromedariforme
Cryptachaea pusillana Theridiidae 497 (replacement name with typographical error) Theridion pussilanum
Cryptachaea pusillana Theridiidae 1039 (correction of typographical error) Theridion pusillanum
Cryptaranea venustula Araneidae 830 (replacement name) Aranea mundania
Cryptaranea venustula Araneidae 830 Aranea mundania inversa
Ctenolophus heligmomeriformis Idiopidae 150 (lapsus) Ctenolophus heligomeriformis
Ctenolophus spiricola Idiopidae 154 (superfluous replacement name, erroneously proposed for "Acanthodon spiricola Hewitt, 1914", which was specified by Hewitt to be the first description of the male of Purcell's species, not a description of a proposed new species) [] Idiops spiriferus
Cyclosa caligata Araneidae 756 Cyclosa caligata
Cyclosa seriata Araneidae 757 Cyclosa seriata
Cyrtopholis ischnoculiformis Theraphosidae 228 Cyclosternum ischnocoliforme
Cyrtopholis major Theraphosidae 228 Cyclosternum majum
Cyrtophora citricola Araneidae 748 Cyrtophora dorsuosa
Cyrtophora diazoma Araneidae 749 Cyrtophora diazoma
Diplura annectens Dipluridae 200 Thalerothele annectens
Dipoena petrunkevitchi Theridiidae 422 (replacement name) Dipoena petrunkevitchi
Enoplognatha diversa Theridiidae 402 (unnecessary replacement name for E. robusta Simon, erroneously thought preoccupied) Enoplognatha robustula
Estrandia grandaeva Linyphiidae 592 (lapsus) Linyphia granadaeva
Eustala albiventer Araneidae 766 Eustala sanguinosa
Eustala fuscovittata Araneidae 934 Nephilengys hirta
Eustala mucronatella Araneidae 830 (replacement name) Aranea mucronatella
Eustala saga Araneidae 766 Eustala saga
Eustala sagana Araneidae 766 Eustala sagana
Eustala taquara Araneidae 766 Eustala taquara
Eustala tristis Araneidae 767 Eustala tristis
Eustala viridipedata Araneidae 856 (replacement name) Aranea viridipedata
Floricomus nasutus Linyphiidae 1040 (unnecessary replacement name; see discussion in Buckle et al., 2001: 119) Floricomus neonasutus
Formiphantes lephthyphantiformis Linyphiidae 566 Troglohyphantes lephthyphantiformis
Gamasomorpha bipeltis Oonopidae 285 Gamasomorpha bipeltis
Gamasomorpha plana Oonopidae 286 Gamasomorpha plana
Gorgyrella schreineri minor Idiopidae 154 (erroneous citation of the above description) Idiops minor
Guizygiella melanocrania Tetragnathidae 886 Zygiella melanocrania
Heligmomerus barkudensis Idiopidae 155 Idiops barkudensis
Holminaria prolata Linyphiidae 519 Microneta prolata
Holothele denticulata Theraphosidae 235 Ischnocolus denticularis
Idiops angusticeps Idiopidae 152 Idiops angusticeps
Idiops bombayensis Idiopidae 155 Idiops opifex
Idiops crudeni Idiopidae 152 Idiops crudeni
Idiops curvipes Idiopidae 152 Idiops curvipes
Idiops flaveolus Idiopidae 152 Idiops flaveolus
Idiops fossor Idiopidae 155 Idiops fossor
Idiops gracilipes Idiopidae 153 Idiops gracilipes
Idiops grandis Idiopidae 153 Idiops grandis
Idiops hamiltoni Idiopidae 153 Idiops hamiltoni
Idiops hepburni Idiopidae 153 Idiops hepburni
Idiops hirsutus Idiopidae 153 Idiops hirsutus
Idiops microps Idiopidae 153 Idiops microps
Idiops monticola Idiopidae 153 Idiops monticola
Idiops monticoloides Idiopidae 153 Idiops monticoloides
Idiops mossambicus Idiopidae 153 Idiops mossambicus
Idiops nigropilosus Idiopidae 153 Idiops nigropilosus
Idiops ochreolus Idiopidae 153 Idiops ochreolus
Idiops robustus Idiopidae 154 Idiops robustus
Idiops sylvestris Idiopidae 154 Idiops sylvestris
Ischnocolus gracilis Theraphosidae 239 Eurypelma gracile
Ischnocolus hirsutus Theraphosidae 240 Eurypelma hirsutum
Kaestneria pullata Linyphiidae 645 Oedothorax conicus
Kochiura ocellata Theridiidae 500 (replacement name for T. viride) Theridion viridulum
Laminacauda defoei Linyphiidae 532 Centromerus defoei
Lepthyphantes sardous Linyphiidae 554 Lepthyphantes sardosus
Leucauge argenteanigra Tetragnathidae 999 Leucauge argenteonigra
Leucauge quadripenicillata Tetragnathidae 1004 Leucauge quadripenicillata
Leucauge splendens Tetragnathidae 1011 Leucauge splendens
Leucauge striatipes Tetragnathidae 1008 Leucauge striatipes
Leucauge tredecimguttata Tetragnathidae 1005 (after Thorell, 1890d: 297) Leucauge tredecimguttata
Linyphia karschi Linyphiidae 585 (replacement name) Linyphia karschi
Linyphia monticolens Linyphiidae 590 (replacement name) Linyphia monticolens
Linyphia obscurella Linyphiidae 590 (replacement name) Linyphia obscurella
Linyphia octopunctata Linyphiidae 590 Linyphia octopunctata
Linyphia petrunkevitchi Linyphiidae 590 (replacement name) Linyphia petrunkevitchi
Mangora hirtipes Araneidae 844 (replacement name for Epeira hirtipes) Aranea hirtipedata
Mangora melanocephala Araneidae 887 Zygiella melanocephala
Manogea porracea Araneidae 887 Zygiella guyanensis
Megaraneus gabonensis Araneidae 888 Caerostris basilissa
Mermessus bryantae Linyphiidae 718 (replacement name for M. simplex) Eperigone simplicia
Mermessus denticulatus Linyphiidae 532 Centromerus denticulatus
Mermessus dopainus Linyphiidae 716 Eperigone dopaina
Metazygia erratica Araneidae 841 (replacement name) Aranea errans
Metazygia rogenhoferi Araneidae 887 Zygiella rogenhoferi
Metazygia voluptifica Araneidae 887 Zygiella punctata
Metepeira labyrinthea Araneidae 861 (replacement name for Epeira crucifera) Aranea keyserlingi
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 836 (replacement name for Epeira affinis Nicolet, 1849) Aranea affinitata
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 841 (replacement name for Epeira dorsalis Nicolet, 1849) Aranea dorsatula
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 850 (replacement name for Epeira quadrimaculata Nicolet, 1849) Aranea quadrimaculosa
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 850 (replacement name for Epeira quadripunctata Nicolet, 1849) Aranea quadripunctatula
Neoscona oaxacensis Araneidae 862 Aranea naiba
Neoscona oaxacensis Araneidae 863 Aranea salaeria
Neoscona penicillipes Araneidae 813 Aranea sanguinipes antepicta
Neoscona penicillipes Araneidae 813 Aranea sanguinipes constrictifascia
Neoscona penicillipes Araneidae 813 Aranea sanguinipes decoratella
Neoscona penicillipes Araneidae 813 Aranea sanguinipes indistinctepicta
Neoscona penicillipes Araneidae 813 Aranea sanguinipes lanceolatella
Neoscona penicillipes Araneidae 813 Aranea sanguinipes monotonia
Neoscona penicillipes Araneidae 814 Aranea sanguinipes nigrifoliata
Neoscona penicillipes Araneidae 814 Aranea sanguinipes recurvata
Neoscona theisi Araneidae 824 (replacement name for Epeira annulipes Rainbow, 1897) Aranea annulipedata
Neoscona theisi Araneidae 833 (replacement name for Epeira speciosa Rainbow, 1897) Aranea speciosissima
Neoscona triangula Araneidae 811 (replacement name for Epeira nocturna Vinson) Aranea nocturnella
Neoscona triangula Araneidae 812 Aranea platyparoma
Neottiura herbigrada Theridiidae 470 (replacement name for T. pusillum) Theridion pusillatum
Nesticus cellulanus Nesticidae 505 (replacement name for T. terrestre) Theridion terrestrellum
Nops anisitsi Caponiidae 316 (lapsus) Nops antisitsi
Notiohyphantes excelsus Linyphiidae 587 (replacement name for L. convexa) Linyphia convexana
Notiohyphantes excelsus Linyphiidae 588 (replacement name for L. elegans) Linyphia elegantula
Novakiella trituberculosa Araneidae 834 (replacement name) Aranea trituberculosa
Oedothorax brevipalpus Linyphiidae 645 (unnecessary replacement name; see discussion in Buckle et al., 2001: 134) Oedothorax brevipalpatus
Oedothorax caporiaccoi Linyphiidae 640 (replacement name) Oedothorax caporiaccoi
Oreoneta intercepta Linyphiidae 537 Phaulothrix intercepta
Pararaneus cyrtoscapus Araneidae 869 (replacement name for Epeira striata Bösenberg & Lenz) Pararaneus striatellus
Pararaneus spectator Araneidae 870 Pararaneus striatellus intermedius
Parawixia bistriata Araneidae 837 (replacement name for Epeira bicolor C. L. Koch) Aranea bicolorata
Peponocranium ludicrum Linyphiidae 699 Diastanillus penultimus
Phormictopus cautus Theraphosidae 249 Phormictopus cancerides centumfocensis
Phoroncidia nicoleti Theridiidae 891 (replacement name) Glyptogona nicoleti
Pimoa jellisoni Pimoidae 577 (lapsus) Labulla jelliconi
Piniphantes pinicola Linyphiidae 553 Lepthyphantes pinicola valesiacus
Platnickina alabamensis Theridiidae 502 (superfluous replacement name) Theridion cinerascens
Poeciloneta lyrica Linyphiidae 561 Lepthyphantes lyricus
Porrhomma cavernicola Linyphiidae 603 Porrhomma cavernicola
Porrhomma cavernicola Linyphiidae 603 (replacement name for Linyphia incerta) Porrhomma emertoni
Pseudowubana wagae Linyphiidae 711 Wubana wagae
Sciastes carli Linyphiidae 643 (replacement name for O. dubius) Oedothorax schenkeli
Silhouettella loricatula Oonopidae 282 (replacement name) Dysderina loricatula
Singa myrrhea Araneidae 876 Singa myrrhea
Singa perpolita Araneidae 876 Singa perpolita
Siwa atomaria Araneidae 768 Larinia atomaria
Spermophora thorelli Pholcidae 346 (replacement name) Spermophora thorelli
Spiroctenus lusitanus Nemesiidae 184 (lapsus) Rachias lusitanus
Spiroctenus pardalina Nemesiidae 164 (lapsus) Bemmeris pardaliana
Stasimopus qumbu Ctenizidae 159 (lapsus) Stasimopus gumbu
Stasimopus steynsburgensis Ctenizidae 161 (lapsus) Stasimopus steynburgensis
Stasimopus umtaticus rangeri Ctenizidae 161 (lapsus) Stasimopus umtalicus sangeri
Storenosoma hoggi Amaurobiidae 362 (replacement name for S. lycosoides, believed preoccupied in Storena by Nicolet, 1849) Storena hoggi
Tenuiphantes mengei Linyphiidae 578 (superfluous replacement name for Linyphia concinna L. Koch) Linyphia concinnella
Tenuiphantes zelatus Linyphiidae 562 Lepthyphantes zelatus
Tenuiphantes zibus Linyphiidae 562 Lepthyphantes zibus
Tetragnatha cambridgei Tetragnathidae 988 (replacement name) Tetragnatha cambridgei
Tetragnatha filiformata Tetragnathidae 989 (replacement name) Tetragnatha filiformata
Tetragnatha gibbula Tetragnathidae 989 (replacement name) Tetragnatha gibbula
Tetragnatha lineatula Tetragnathidae 982 (replacement name) Tetragnatha lineatula
Theridion apiculatum Theridiidae 484 (replacement name) Theridion apiculatum
Theridion argentatulum Theridiidae 484 (replacement name) Theridion argentatulum
Theridion berlandi Theridiidae 485 (replacement name) Theridion berlandi
Theridion cassinicola Theridiidae 476 (lapsus) Theridion crassinicola
Theridion convexellum Theridiidae 485 (replacement name) Theridion convexellum
Theridion elegantissimum Theridiidae 480 (replacement name) Theridion elegantissimum
Theridion eugeni Theridiidae 477 (replacement name) Theridion eugeni
Theridion illecebrosum Theridiidae 477 (lapsus) Theridion illeceborosum
Theridion kochi Theridiidae 486 (replacement name) Theridion kochi
Theridion longipedatum Theridiidae 494 (replacement name) Theridion longipedatum
Theridion maculiferum Theridiidae 478 (replacement name) Theridion maculiferum
Theridion neomexicanum Theridiidae 504 (replacement name for T. placens) Theridion placidum
Theridion pallidulum Theridiidae 478 (replacement name) Theridion pallidulum
Theridion petraeum Theridiidae 503 (replacement name for T. maxillare) Theridion maxillatum
Theridion setiferum Theridiidae 482 (replacement name) Theridion setiferum
Theridion tamerlani Theridiidae 483 (replacement name) Theridion tamerlani
Theridion tessellatum Theridiidae 479 (superfluous replacement name for T. t., erroneously thought preoccupied by T. tesselatum Keyserling, 1884, which is spelled differently) Theridion tesserulatum
Theridion undulanotum Theridiidae 488 (replacement name) Theridion undulanotum
Theridion vosseleri Theridiidae 479 (lapsus) Theridion vosselleri
Troglohyphantes numidus Linyphiidae 552 Lepthyphantes numidus
Troxochrota kashmirica Linyphiidae 688 Troxochrota kashmirica
Uroctea concolor Oecobiidae 385 Uroctea concolor
Witica cayanus Araneidae 762 Edricus cayana
Yaginumia sia Araneidae 884 Zygiella sia
Zealaranea crassa Araneidae 831 (replacement name for Epeira purpurea Urquhart, believed preoccupied by Vinson, 1863) Aranea purpurcolor
Zealaranea trinotata Araneidae 825 Aranea brounii olivinia
Zodarion caporiaccoi Zodariidae 366 (replacement name) Zodarion caporiaccoi
Zygiella calyptrata Araneidae 886 Zygiella calyptrata
Zygiella pulcherrima Araneidae 884 Zygiella pulcherrima
Zygiella x-notata Araneidae 887 Zygiella boesenbergi
Zygiella x-notata Araneidae 887 Zygiella californica
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