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Chamberlin, R. V. & Ivie, W. (1945c). Erigonid spiders of the genera Spirembolus, Disembolus, and Bactroceps. Transactions of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences 36: 216-235. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Disembolus stridulans Linyphiidae 226, f. 14-17 (m, not f) Disembolus stridulans
Scotinotylus sanctus Linyphiidae 226, f. 18 (f; S Spirembolus chera, rejected) Disembolus stridulans
Spirembolus bilobatus Linyphiidae 224, f. 1-7 (Dmf) Bactroceps bilobatus
Spirembolus humilis Linyphiidae 221, f. 28-31 (mf, misidentified) Spirembolus perjucundus
Spirembolus monticolens Linyphiidae 217, f. 19-22 (mf) Spirembolus monticolens
Spirembolus mundus Linyphiidae 218, f. 33-35 (mf) Spirembolus mundus
Spirembolus pachygnathus Linyphiidae 218, f. 23-27 (mf) Spirembolus pachygnathus
Spirembolus pallidus Linyphiidae 223, f. 52-55 (mf) Spirembolus pallidus
Spirembolus phylax Linyphiidae 222, f. 43-46 (m) Spirembolus phylax
Spirembolus redondo Linyphiidae 225, f. 8-13 (Dmf) Bactroceps redondo
Spirembolus spirotubus Linyphiidae 221, f. 36-37 (m) Spirembolus spirotubus
Spirembolus synopticus Linyphiidae 219, f. 38-39 (m) Spirembolus synopticus
Spirembolus vallicolens Linyphiidae 220, f. 32, 40-42 (m, Df) Spirembolus vallicolens
Spirembolus whitneyanus Linyphiidae 222, f. 47-51 (m, Df) Spirembolus whitneyanus
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