Included taxa

Kaston, B. J. (1945b). New Micryphantidae and Dictynidae with notes on other spiders. American Museum Novitates 1292: 1-14. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta angulata Linyphiidae 6 (Tm from Bathyphantes, Sf) Meioneta angulata
Ceraticelus bryantae Linyphiidae 8, f. 37-40 (Dmf) Ceraticelus bryantae
Ceratinopsis atolma Linyphiidae 7, f. 29 (f) Ceratinopsis atolma
Ceratinopsis nigriceps Linyphiidae 7, f. 30 (f) Ceratinopsis nigriceps
Ceratinopsis nigripalpis Linyphiidae 7, f. 28 (f) Ceratinopsis nigripalpis
Emblyna annulipes Dictynidae 2, f. 7-9 (mf) Dictyna muraria
Emblyna decaprini Dictynidae 3, f. 10 (Df) Dictyna decaprini
Emblyna hentzi Dictynidae 1, f. 4-6 (Dmf) Dictyna hentzi
Emblyna roscida Dictynidae 2, f. (mf) Dictyna roscida
Emblyna sublata Dictynidae 2, f. 7-9 (mf) Dictyna sublata
Glenognatha foxi Tetragnathidae 7, f. 27 (f) Mimognatha foxi
Pelecopsis bishopi Linyphiidae 8, f. 41-44 (Dmf) Pelecopsis bishopi
Scytodes fusca Scytodidae 7, f. 24 (f) Scytodes fusca
Scytodes longipes Scytodidae 7, f. 23 (f) Scytodes longipes
Scytodes thoracica Scytodidae 7, f. 22 (f) Scytodes thoracica
Tennesseellum formica Linyphiidae 6, f. 25 (Tm from Meioneta=Agyneta, Sf) Tennesseellum formicum
Tenuiphantes zebra Linyphiidae 5 (S) Lepthyphantes zebra
Theridion albidum Theridiidae 5, f. 16-17 (mf) Theridion albidum
Theridion differens Theridiidae 4, f. 14 (f) Theridion differens
Theridion frondeum Theridiidae 5, f. 18-19 (mf) Theridion frondeum
Theridion glaucescens Theridiidae 5, f. 13 (f) Theridion spirale
Theridion murarium Theridiidae 5, f. 15 (f) Theridion murarium
Wadotes hybridus Agelenidae 1, f. 20 (f) Wadotes hybridus
Wadotes tennesseensis Agelenidae 1, f. 21 (f) Wadotes tennesseensis
Walckenaeria pinocchio Linyphiidae 7, f. 31-36 (Dm) Cornicularia pinocchio
Wamba crispulus Theridiidae 5, f. 11-12 (mf, S, rejected) Theridion blandum
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