Included taxa

Gertsch, W. J. (1946a). Notes on American spiders of the family Dictynidae. American Museum Novitates 1319: 1-21. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dictyna arundinacea Dictynidae 11 Dictyna arundinacea
Dictyna cholla Dictynidae 17, f. 19-20 (Dmf) Dictyna hardyi
Dictyna nebraska Dictynidae 16, f. 17-18 (Dm) Dictyna nebraska
Dictyna sancta Dictynidae 13, f. 21-22 (Dmf) Dictyna sancta
Emblyna altamira Dictynidae 12 (Df) Dictyna guanica
Emblyna lina Dictynidae 16, f. 24 (Dm) Dictyna lina
Emblyna oregona Dictynidae 11, f. 9-10 (Dm) Dictyna oregona
Emblyna suwanea Dictynidae 14, f. 25-27 (Dmf) Dictyna suwanea
Emblyna uintana Dictynidae 13, f. 23 Dictyna uintana
Lathys alberta Dictynidae 3, f. 11 (replacement name) Lathys alberta
Lathys albida Dictynidae 4 (replacement name for Scotolathys alba, thought preoccupied in Lathys) Lathys albida
Lathys delicatula Dictynidae 3, f. 14 (f) Lathys delicatula
Lathys dixiana Dictynidae 3, f. 12 (f) Lathys dixiana
Lathys foxi Dictynidae 2, f. 13 (mf) Lathys foxi
Lathys immaculata Dictynidae 4 Lathys immaculata
Lathys maculina Dictynidae 4, f. 15 (replacement name offered before 1961 for Dictyolathys maculata Banks, 1900, thought preoccupied in L. by Keyserling, 1889) Lathys maculina
Lathys pallida Dictynidae 4 Lathys pallida
Mallos bryanti Dictynidae 6, f. 2-3 (Dmf; N.B.: patronym for Owen Bryant) Mallos bryanti
Mallos hesperius Dictynidae 8, f. 5-6 (Dmf) Mallos apanus
Mallos kraussi Dictynidae 6, f. 1 (Df) Mallos kraussi
Mallos margaretae Dictynidae 8, f. 4 (Df) Mallos margaretae
Mallos pallidus Dictynidae 7, f. 8 (f, Dm) Mallos pallidus
Mexitlia grandis Dictynidae 9 (Dm) Mallos grandis
Phantyna rita Dictynidae 12, f. 28-30 (Dmf) Dictyna rita
Thallumetus dulcineus Dictynidae 10, f. 7 (Df) Thallumetus dulcineus
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