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Ivie, W. (1947). Some new spiders of the genus Dictyna. Published by the author, Salt Lake City, 4 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dictyna agressa Dictynidae 2 (Dmf) Dictyna agressa
Dictyna cebolla Dictynidae 3 (Dmf) Dictyna cebolla
Dictyna juno Dictynidae 4 (Dmf) Dictyna juno
Dictyna subpinicola Dictynidae 2 (Dm) Dictyna subpinicola
Dictyna volucripes volucripoides Dictynidae 4 (Dmf) Dictyna volucripoides
Emblyna artemisia Dictynidae 1 (Dmf) Dictyna artemisia
Emblyna completoides Dictynidae 1 (Dm) Dictyna completoides
Emblyna manitoba Dictynidae 3 (Dmf) Dictyna manitoba
Emblyna oasa Dictynidae 1 (Dmf) Dictyna oasa
Emblyna piratica Dictynidae 3 (Df) Dictyna piratica
Phantyna terranea Dictynidae 2 (Dmf) Dictyna terranea
Tivyna moaba Dictynidae 2 (Dmf) Dictyna moaba
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