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Miller, F. & Kratochvíl, J. (1948). Notes sur trois éspèces du gengre [sic] Lepthyphantes Menge (Araneae). Entomologické Listy, Brno 11: 137-140. download pdf


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Formiphantes lephthyphantiformis Linyphiidae 139, f. 2e-g (f only [m=L. cristatus], elevated from subspecies L. cristatus pallidus Miller & Kratochvíl, 1938, renamed because of homonymy with Linyphia pallidus O. Pickard-Cambridge, thought congeneric but itself a primary homonym and therefore unavailable) Lepthyphantes pallidiventris
Palliduphantes insignis Linyphiidae 137, f. 1a-f (Dmf) Lepthyphantes subterraneus
Palliduphantes pillichi Linyphiidae 138, f. 1g-k (mf) Lepthyphantes pillichi
Tenuiphantes cristatus Linyphiidae 139, f. 2a-d (mf) Lepthyphantes cristatus
Tenuiphantes cristatus Linyphiidae 139, f. 2h (m, misidentified) Lepthyphantes pallidiventris
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