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Chickering, A. M. (1949). The Gnaphosidae of Panama. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society 68(4): 314-331. doi:10.2307/3223273 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cesonia lacertosa Gnaphosidae 314, f. 1-2 (Dm) Cesonia lacertosa
Cesonia notata Gnaphosidae 319, f. 6-8 (Dmf) Cesonia notata
Cesonia pudica Gnaphosidae 323, f. 9-10 (Dm) Cesonia pudica
Gertschosa cincta Gnaphosidae 316, f. 3-5 (Dm) Cesonia nigra
Zimiromus chickeringi Gnaphosidae 327, f. 14-16 only (m, misidentified) Echemus iota
Zimiromus iotus Gnaphosidae 326, f. 11-13 (Dm) Echemus banksi
Zimiromus tropicalis Gnaphosidae 329, f. 17-19 (Dm) Echemus montanus
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