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Bücherl, W. (1951). Estudos sobre a biologia e a sistemática do género Grammostola Simon, 1892. Monografias, Instituto Butantan 1: 1-203. download pdf


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Grammostola actaeon Theraphosidae 119, f. 3.III, 4, 12-13, 17-20, 28.III, 31, pl. V (mf, S) Grammostola actaeon
Grammostola alticeps Theraphosidae 120 (S, subsequently rejected) Grammostola iheringi
Grammostola anthracina Theraphosidae 111, f. 3.II, 28.II, 29, pls. I-II (mf, S) Grammostola mollicoma
Grammostola anthracina Theraphosidae 115, f. 3.I, 28.I, 30, pl. III (m, Sf) Grammostola pulchripes
Grammostola burzaquensis Theraphosidae 118 (reduced to subspecies) Grammostola pulchripes burzaquensis
Grammostola chalcothrix Theraphosidae 120 (S, subsequently rejected) Grammostola iheringi
Grammostola gossei Theraphosidae 122 (S, apparently incorrect) Grammostola spatulata
Grammostola iheringi Theraphosidae 120, f. 3.IV, 28.IV, 32, pl. VI (mf, S) Grammostola iheringi
Grammostola inermis Theraphosidae 123 (reduced to subspecies) Grammostola spatulata inermis
Grammostola inermis Theraphosidae 124 (reduced to subspecies) Grammostola spatulata australis
Grammostola pulchra Theraphosidae 118, pl. IV (m, reduced to subspecies) Grammostola pulchripes pulchra
Grammostola rosea Theraphosidae 122 (S) Grammostola spatulata
Grammostola rosea Theraphosidae 123 (S, subsequently rejected) Grammostola spatulata
Homoeomma familiare Theraphosidae 112 (S, subsequently rejected) Grammostola mollicoma
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