Included taxa

Millidge, A. F. (1951). Key to the British genera of subfamily Erigoninae (Family Linyphiidae: Araneae): including the description of a new genus (Jacksonella). Annals and Magazine of Natural History (12) 4: 545-562. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Glyphesis cottonae Linyphiidae 561 (Tmf from Diplocephalus) Glyphesis cottonae
Jacksonella falconeri Linyphiidae 561 (Tmf from Maro) Jacksonella falconeri
Oedothorax fuscus Linyphiidae 551, f. 2A (f) Oedothorax fuscus
Savignia frontata Linyphiidae 554, f. 2B (f) Savignia frontata
Semljicola faustus Linyphiidae 560 (Tmf from Latithorax, rejected) Eboria fausta
Genus Family Page
Jacksonella Millidge, 1951 Linyphiidae 561