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Roewer, C. F. (1951). Neue Namen einiger Araneen-Arten. Abhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins zu Bremen 32: 437-456. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aelurillus kochi Salticidae 451 (replacement name) Aelurillus kochi
Aelurillus lucasi Salticidae 451 (replacement name) Aelurillus lucasi
Agalenocosa bryantae Lycosidae 442 (replacement name) Trochosa bryantae
Allocosa lawrencei Lycosidae 439 (replacement name) Lycosa lawrencei
Allocosa paraguayensis Lycosidae 442 (replacement name) Trochosa paraguayensis
Allocosa samoana Lycosidae 441 (replacement name) Tarentula samoana
Amaurobius franganilloi Amaurobiidae 455 (replacement name) Amaurobius franganilloi
Anahita caporiaccoi Ctenidae 447 (replacement name) Anahita caporiaccoi
Anasaitis banksi Salticidae 451 (replacement name) Corythalia banksi
Anasaitis cubanus Salticidae 451 (replacement name) Corythalia cubana
Anoteropsis hilaris Lycosidae 439 (replacement name) [] Lycosa virgatella
Anoteropsis senica Lycosidae 439 (replacement name) [] Lycosa goyeni
Anyphaena bryantae Anyphaenidae 445 (replacement name) Anyphaena bryantae
Anyphaena dominicana Anyphaenidae 445 (replacement name) Anyphaena dominicana
Anyphops lawrencei Selenopidae 448 (replacement name) Selenops lawrencei
Anzacia simoni Gnaphosidae 443 (replacement name) Anzacia simoni
Arctosa atroventrosa Lycosidae 440 (replacement name) Hogna lenzi
Artoria berenice Lycosidae 442 (replacement name) [] Tarentula naeviella
Attulus albolineatus Salticidae 453 (replacement name for Attus albolineatus) Sitticus kulczynskii
Attulus avocator Salticidae 453 (replacement name for Attus viduus) Sitticus sibiricus
Attulus niger Salticidae 453 (superfluous replacement name, caused by Sitticus niger (Walckenaer, 1802) in Reimoser, 1919: 104 = Attulus walckenaeri) Sitticus dyali
Attulus walckenaeri Salticidae 453 (replacement name) Sitticus walckenaeri
Balmaceda chickeringi Salticidae 450 (replacement name) Balmaceda chickeringi
Birabenia birabenae Lycosidae 441 (unneeded replacement name for Alopecosa murina, not thought congeneric with Lycosa murina Nicolet, 1849) Tarentula murinella
Bowie ceylonensis Ctenidae 446 (Dmf, new name for specimens misidentified as C. trabifer by Karsch, 1892) [] Ctenus karschi
Castianeira venusta Corinnidae 446 (replacement name for C. plumosa) Castianeira pedo
Castianeira vittatula Corinnidae 446 (replacement name) Castianeira vittatula
Cheiracanthium furculatum Cheiracanthiidae 444 (replacement name for C. melanostoma Simon, 1910) Cheiracanthium melanostomellum
Cheiracanthium furculatum Cheiracanthiidae 447 (replacement name for C. inornatum Lawrence, 1927) Cheiracanthium lawrencei
Cheiracanthium inclusum Cheiracanthiidae 444 (replacement name for C. gracilipes) Cheiracanthium leitaoi
Cheiracanthium inclusum Cheiracanthiidae 444 (replacement name for C. candidum) Cheiracanthium melloi
Clubiona comta Clubionidae 447 (Df, objective junior synonym of Z. affinis) Zora drenskii
Clubiona durbana Clubionidae 444 (replacement name) Clubiona durbana
Clubiona lawrencei Clubionidae 445 (replacement name) Clubiona lawrencei
Clubiona maculata Clubionidae 445 (replacement name) Clubiona maculata
Clubiona rainbowi Clubionidae 445 (replacement name) Clubiona rainbowi
Clubiona thorelli Clubionidae 445 (replacement name) Clubiona thorelli
Coenypha ditissima Thomisidae 448 (replacement name for Thomisus cinereus Nicolet, 1849) [] Misumenoides nicoleti
Ctenus tamerlani Ctenidae 446 (Df, new name for specimens misidentified as C. trabifer by Thorell, 1895: 214 and F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1897c: 332) Ctenus tamerlani
Curicaberis abnormis Sparassidae 447 (replacement name for O. abnormis) [] Olios foxi
Dendryphantes caporiaccoi Salticidae 452 (replacement name) Dendryphantes caporiaccoi
Dendryphantes reimoseri Salticidae 452 (replacement name) Dendryphantes reimoseri
Dictyna urquharti Dictynidae 454 (replacement name) Dictyna urquharti
Dipoena rubella Theridiidae 455 (replacement name) [] Dipoena roeweri
Drassodes cambridgei Gnaphosidae 443 (replacement name) Drassodes cambridgei
Drassodes singulariformis Gnaphosidae 443 (replacement name) Drassodes singulariformis
Elaver albicans Clubionidae 445 (replacement name for C. albicans) Clubiona cubana
Elaver tigrina Clubionidae 445 (replacement name) Clubiona tigrinella
Epicadus taczanowskii Thomisidae 448 (replacement name) Tobias taczanowskii
Episinus immundus Theridiidae 455 (replacement name) [] Thymoites bigibbosus
Euophrys banksi Salticidae 452 (replacement name) Euophrys banksi
Euophrys concolorata Salticidae 452 (replacement name) Euophrys concolorata
Freya decorata Salticidae 451 (unnecessary replacement name, see Edwards, 2015) [] Freya dyali
Gayenna brasiliensis Anyphaenidae 445 (replacement name) Gayenna brasiliensis
Habrocestum algericum Salticidae 451 (N.B.: superfluous and invalid replacement name for Dyal's record; Dyal refers to Dalmas' species; nevertheless it is verly unlikely, that m and f belong to the same species) [] Habrocestum panjabius
Habronattus coecatus Salticidae 452 (N.B.: superfluous and invalid replacement name for Dyal's record; Dyal refers to the species by Peckham & Peckham, 1888; nevertheless it is unlikely, that the species occurs in Pakistan) [] Pellenes dyali
Habronattus mexicanus Salticidae 452 (replacement name for H. latens) Pellenes hondurasus
Hahnia ononidum Hahniidae 438 (unnecessary replacement name) [] Hahnia jacksoni
Haplodrassus omissus Gnaphosidae 443 (replacement name for Drassus parvulus) [] Drassodes parvicorpus
Herpyllus ecclesiasticus Gnaphosidae 444 (replacement name for Prosthesima bimaculata) Zelotes bryantae
Heteropoda badiella Sparassidae 448 (replacement name) Heteropoda badiella
Hogna crispipes Lycosidae 442 (replacement name for Lycosa strenua) [] Tarentula rainbowi
Hogna graeca Lycosidae 441 (replacement name) Tarentula graeca
Hogna karschi Lycosidae 441 (replacement name) Tarentula karschi
Holcolaetis vellerea Salticidae 444 (N.B.: superfluous and invalid replacement name for Dyal's record; Dyal refers to Lessert's species; nevertheless it is unlikely, that the species occurs in Pakistan) [] Holcolaetis dyali
Hyllus sansibaricus Salticidae 450 (replacement name) Hyllus sansibaricus
Idastrandia orientalis Salticidae 450 (superfluous generic replacement nname) Kolomana orientalis
Isoctenus coxalis Ctenidae 446 (superfluous replacement name) Ctenus velocitatis
Litopyllus temporarius Gnaphosidae 443 (replacement name) [] Litopyllus barrowsi
Lycosa clarissa Lycosidae 438 (replacement name) Lycosa clarissa
Lycosa leucophaeoides Lycosidae 440 (replacement name) Hogna leucophaeoides
Lycosa punctiventralis Lycosidae 441 (replacement name) Tarentula punctiventralis
Lycosa sylvatica Lycosidae 441 (replacement name) Tarentula sylvatica
Lycosa tasmanicola Lycosidae 441 (T from Lycosa, replacement name) Tarentula tasmanica
Mangromedes kochi Pisauridae 438 (replacement name) Nilus kochi
Maratus rainbowi Salticidae 451 (replacement name) Saitis rainbowi
Marinarozelotes lyonneti Gnaphosidae 443 (superfluous replacement name for Nodocion zelotoides) [] Nodocion chamberlini
Marusyllus kronebergi Salticidae 453 (replacement name for Attus elegans Kroneberg, 1875, preoccupied by Attus elegans Hentz, 1846) Yllenus kronebergi
Mesabolivar aurantiacus Pholcidae 455 (replacement name for P. cambridgei) Psilochorus browningi
Metaphidippus iviei Salticidae 453 (replacement name) Dendryphantes iviei
Miagrammopes brasiliensis Uloboridae 454 (replacement name) Miagrammopes brasiliensis
Micaria constricta Gnaphosidae 446 (superfluous replacement name) Micaria canadensis
Micaria palliditarsa Gnaphosidae 446 (replacement name) Micaria formicula
Micaria sociabilis Gnaphosidae 447 (replacement name) Micaria canestrinii
Misumena saitoi Thomisidae 448 (replacement name) Misumena saitoi
Monapia dilaticollis Anyphaenidae 445 (replacement name for Clubiona punctata) [] Gayenna punctulata
Myrmapeni simplexella Salticidae 450 (replacement name) Myrmarachne simplexella
Myrmele peckhami Salticidae 450 (replacement name) Myrmarachne peckhami
Nigma walckenaeri Dictynidae 454 (replacement name) Dictyna walckenaeri
Oecobius navus Oecobiidae 454 (replacement name for Omanus maculatus Keyserling, 1891) Oecobius keyserlingi
Olios berlandi Sparassidae 447 (replacement name) Olios berlandi
Olios bivittatus Sparassidae 447 (replacement name) Olios bivittatus
Olios longipedatus Sparassidae 447 (replacement name) Olios longipedatus
Olios longipes Sparassidae 447 (superfluous replacement name) [] Olios longipedes
Olios peruvianus Sparassidae 447 (replacement name) Olios peruvianus
Olios tamerlani Sparassidae 447 (replacement name) Olios tamerlani
Oxyopes caporiaccoi Oxyopidae 442 (replacement name) Oxyopes caporiaccoi
Oxyopes concoloratus Oxyopidae 442 (replacement name) Oxyopes concoloratus
Oxyopes embriki Oxyopidae 442 (replacement name) Oxyopes embriki
Ozyptila claveata Thomisidae 449 (unnecessary replacement name) Ozyptila audouini
Parasynema cambridgei Thomisidae 499 (replacement name) Parasynema cambridgei
Paratrochosina sagittigera Lycosidae 441 (replacement name) Tarentula sagittigera
Pardosa adustella Lycosidae 438 (replacement name) Lycosa adustella
Pardosa albatula Lycosidae 438 (replacement name) Lycosa albatula
Pardosa cinerascens Lycosidae 439 (replacement name) Lycosa cinerascens
Pardosa concolorata Lycosidae 441 (replacement name) Tarentula concolorata
Pardosa longivulva Lycosidae 440 (superfluous replacement name) Lycosa longivulvula
Pardosa plumipedata Lycosidae 440 (replacement name) Lycosa plumipedata
Pardosa prolifica Lycosidae 440 (superfluous replacement name) Lycosa prolificula
Pardosa roscai Lycosidae 438 (replacement name) Lycosa roscai
Pardosa sabulosa Lycosidae 440 (superfluous replacement name, not preoccupied by Lycosa sabulosa) Lycosa nathani
Pardosa septentrionalis Lycosidae 439 (superfluous replacement name for P. rufa) Lycosa rufula
Pardosa tenera Lycosidae 439 (superfluous replacment name) Lycosa tamerlani
Pardosa timidula Lycosidae 439 (replacement name) Lycosa timidula
Pardosa tristicella Lycosidae 440 (replacement name, Tf from Pardosa) Lycosa tristicella
Pardosa tristiculella Lycosidae 439 (replacement name) Lycosa tristiculella
Pardosa turkestanica Lycosidae 439 (replacement name) Lycosa turkestanica
Pardosa valida Lycosidae 439 (replacement name, unneeded in Pardosa) Lycosa validior
Pardosa vinsoni Lycosidae 439 (replacement name) Lycosa vinsoni
Penionomus longipalpis Salticidae 451 (N.B.: superfluous and invalid replacement name for Dyal's record; Dyal refers to Simon's species; nevertheless it is unlikely, that the species occurs in Pakistan) [] Penionomus dyali
Phiale bryantae Salticidae 450 (replacement name) Phiale bryantae
Phiale cubana Salticidae 450 (replacement name) Phiale cubana
Phidippus californicus Salticidae 453 (replacement name, specific name erroneously thought preoccupied by Peckham & Peckham, 1888, sub Maevia) Dendryphantes graciosus
Phidippus comatus Salticidae 452 (replacement name, specific name thought preoccupied by Karsch, 1880, sub Dendryphantes) Dendryphantes consimilis
Philodromus caporiaccoi Philodromidae 448 (replacement name) Philodromus caporiaccoi
Philoponella signatella Uloboridae 454 (replacement name) Uloborus signatellus
Phycosoma altum Theridiidae 455 (replacement name) [] Dipoena furtiva
Piratula knorri Lycosidae 440 (replacement name for Lycosa furcifera) Pirata eugeni
Radulphius monticola Cheiracanthiidae 445 (replacement name) Eutichurus monticola
Saitis berlandi Salticidae 451 (replacement name) Saitis berlandi
Saitis tauricus Salticidae 452 (replacement name) [] Euophrys prinkipona
Salticus latidentatus Salticidae 454 (replacement name) Salticus latidentatus
Schizocosa algerica Lycosidae 440 (T from Tarentula, replacement name) Lycosa algerica
Schizocosa crassipalpata Lycosidae 440 (replacement name) Schizocosa crassipalpata
Setaphis fuscipes Gnaphosidae 443 (replacement name for Z. longestylus) Zelotes caporiaccoi
Setaphis parvula Gnaphosidae 443 (superfluous replacement name) Setaphis lucasi
Sumampattus pantherinus Salticidae 450 (replacement name) [] Eustiromastix parobscurus
Synema diana Thomisidae 449 (replacement name for T. d., but not then thought congeneric with Aranea d. Walckenaer, 1805) Synema audouini
Tasata tullgreni Anyphaenidae 446 (replacement name) Oxysoma tullgreni
Terralonus banksi Salticidae 453 (replacement name) Menemerus banksi
Tetragnatha bryantae Tetragnathidae 456 (replacement name) Tetragnatha bryantae
Tetragnatha laboriosa Tetragnathidae 456 (replacement name) [] Tetragnatha bidentata
Thanatus lesserti Philodromidae 448 (replacement name) Tibellus lesserti
Theridion bryantae Theridiidae 455 (replacement name) Theridion bryantae
Theridion elisabethae Theridiidae 455 (replacement name) Theridion elisabethae
Theridion rabuni Theridiidae 455 (replacement name for T. reticulateum, erroneously believed preoccupied by T. reticulatum Hahn, 1834) Theridion mumae
Thiodina nicoleti Salticidae 450 (replacement name) Thiodina nicoleti
Thomisus angulatulus Thomisidae 449 (replacement name) Thomisus angulatulus
Thomisus granulatus Thomisidae 449 (replacement name) Thomisus lawrencei
Tibellus propositus Philodromidae 448 (replacement name) Tibellus propositus
Trabea purcelli Lycosidae 442 (replacement name) Trabaea purcelli
Trachelopachys keyserlingi Trachelidae 446 (replacement name) Trachelas keyserlingi
Trochosa eugeni Lycosidae 442 (replacement name) Trochosa eugeni
Trochosa lucasi Lycosidae 441 (replacement name) Tarentula lucasi
Trochosa melloi Lycosidae 442 (replacement name) Trochosa melloi
Uloborus berlandi Uloboridae 454 (replacement name) Uloborus berlandi
Uloborus trilineatus Uloboridae 154 (replacement name for U. plumipes) [] Uloborus plumipedatus
Urozelotes rusticus Gnaphosidae 444 (replacement name for Prosthesima pallida Keyserling, 1878) [] Zelotes keyserlingi
Urozelotes rusticus Gnaphosidae 444 (replacement name for Zelotes scutatus Mello-Leitão, 1939) [] Zelotes paulistus
Xysticus kochi Thomisidae 449 (replacement name for X. spinifer) [] Xysticus noseki
Xysticus maculiger Thomisidae 449 (replacement name) Xysticus maculiger
Xysticus pigrides Thomisidae 449 (unnecessary replacement name) Xysticus blackwalli
Zelotes reimoseri Gnaphosidae 443 (replacement name) Zelotes reimoseri
Zelotes tuckeri Gnaphosidae 444 (replacement name) Zelotes tuckeri
Zora maculosa Miturgidae 447 (replacement name) Zora maculosa
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