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Roth, V. D. (1952a). A review of the genus Tegenaria in North America (Arachnida: Agelenidae). Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 42(9): 283-288. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Calymmaria modestella Cybaeidae 287 (replacement name, Roth refers to a preprint from 1944 of the first parts of Roewer, 1955c) Calymmaria modestella
Calymmaria persica Cybaeidae 287 Calymmaria persica
Eratigena duellica Agelenidae 286, f. 3-5 (Df) Tegenaria gigantea
Eratigena mexicana Agelenidae 285, f. 1-2 (f, misidentified) Tegenaria flexuosa
Tegenaria pagana Agelenidae 284 Tegenaria antrias
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