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Grube, A. E. (1861). Beschreibung neuer, von den Herren L. v. Schrenck, Maack, C. v. Ditmar u. a. im Amurlande und in Ostsibirien gesammelter Araneiden. Bulletin de l'Académie impériale des sciences de St.-Pétersbourg 4: 161-180. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allagelena bistriata Agelenidae 169 (Df) Agelena bistriata
Allomengea dentisetis Linyphiidae 168 (Dm) Micryphantes dentisetis
Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 174 (Dj) Lycosa albostriata
Amaurobius flavovittatus Amaurobiidae 171 (Df) Ciniflo flavovittata
Amaurobius luniger Amaurobiidae 171 (Df) Ciniflo lunigera
Araneus acronotus Araneidae 164 (Df) Epeira acronota
Araneus schrencki Araneidae 162 (Dm) Epeira schrenckii
Asianellus festivus Salticidae 177 (Dm) Attus melanotarsus
Cercidia prominens Araneidae 163 (Df) Epeira ochracea
Dendryphantes fusconotatus Salticidae 176 (Dm) Attus fusconotatus
Ebrechtella tricuspidata Thomisidae 173 (Df) [] Thomisus arcigerus
Euophrys flavoatra Salticidae 179 (Dm) Attus flavo-ater
Gnaphosa kompirensis Gnaphosidae 170 (Dmf; suppressed for lack of usage, see ICZN article 23.9 and Ovtsharenko, Platnick & Song, 1992: 37) [] Drassus adspersus
Helophora insignis Linyphiidae 166 (Df) Linyphia sagittata
Hybauchenidium ferrumequinum Linyphiidae 168 (Dmf) Micryphantes ferrum-equinum
Linyphia albomaculata Linyphiidae 166 (Df) Linyphia albomaculata
Linyphia melanopleuros Linyphiidae 167 (Df) Linyphia melanopleuros
Lysiteles coronatus Thomisidae 173 (Df) Thomisus coronatus
Mendoza nobilis Salticidae 180 (Dm) Attus nobilis
Micryphantes miniatus Linyphiidae 167 (Df) Micryphantes miniatus
Orienticius vulpes Salticidae 176 (Df) Attus vulpes
Ozyptila fusca Thomisidae 172 (Df) Thomisus fuscus
Paratrochosina sagittigera Lycosidae 174 (Dmf; preoccupied by Hentz, 1844, see Schizocosa avida) Lycosa sagittata
Pellenes ignifrons Salticidae 176 (Df) Attus ignifrons
Philaeus quadrifasciatus Salticidae 175 (Df) Attus quadrifasciatus
Phintella arenicolor Salticidae 178 (Dm; f not adult per Prószyński, 1971c: 207) Attus arenicolor
Phintella castriesiana Salticidae 179 (Df) Attus castriesianus
Salticus dimidiatus Salticidae 179 (Df) Attus dimidiatus
Salticus fuscostriatus Salticidae 178 (Df) Attus fuscostriatus
Steatoda ancora Theridiidae 165 (Dm; N.B.: preoccupied by Epeira ancora Krynicki, 1837 if that name is a S of S. bipunctata and these two species are congeneric) Theridium ancora
Steatoda rhombifera Theridiidae 164 (Dm) Theridium (Steatoda) rhombiferum
Stemonyphantes sibiricus Linyphiidae 165 (Df) Linyphia sibirica
Tegenaria domestica Agelenidae 171 (Dm) [] Drassina ochracea
Tetragnatha conica Tetragnathidae 162 (Df) Tetragnatha conica
Yaginumaella striatipes Salticidae 177 (Dm) Attus striatipes
Genus Family Page
Drassina Grube, 1861 Agelenidae 170