Included taxa

Hassan, A. I. (1953). The Oecobiidae of Egypt. Bulletin - Zoological Society of Egypt 11: 14-28. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Oecobius maculatus Oecobiidae 24, f. 4a-e (mf; see note under O. navus) Oecobius annulipes maculatus
Oecobius navus Oecobiidae 21, f. 3a-e (mf) Oecobius annulipes
Oecobius putus Oecobiidae 19, f. 2a-e (mf) Oecobius putus
Oecobius templi Oecobiidae 16, f. 1a-e (mf) Oecobius templi
No genus found for this reference