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Comellini, A. (1955). Notes sur les Thomisidae d'Afrique. Revue de Zoologie et de Botanique Africaines 51: 117-126. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Tmarus bedoti Thomisidae 119, f. 1 (m) Tmarus bedoti
Tmarus cameliformis Thomisidae 119, f. 2 (Df) Tmarus bonneti
Tmarus cancellatus Thomisidae 119, f. 3-7 (m, Df, S of Tmarus semicretaceus) Tmarus cancellatus
Tmarus cancellatus congoensis Thomisidae 120 (Dm) Tmarus cancellatus congoensis
Tmarus caporiaccoi Thomisidae 120, f. 8 (Df) Tmarus caporiaccoi
Tmarus comellinii Thomisidae 120, f. 9 (Df; preoccupied by Mello-Leitão, 1929, see Tmarus hirsutus) [] Tmarus hirsutus
Tmarus lawrencei Thomisidae 121, f. 10-11 (Dm) Tmarus lawrencei
Tmarus locketi Thomisidae 123, f. 12-15 (f, Dm) Tmarus locketi
Tmarus locketi djuguensis Thomisidae 123 (Dmf) Tmarus locketi djuguensis
Tmarus malleti Thomisidae 123, f. 16 (f) Tmarus malleti
Tmarus milloti Thomisidae 123, f. 17 (Df) Tmarus milloti
Tmarus planetarius Thomisidae 124 (S of Tmarus pauliani) Tmarus planetarius
Tmarus schoutedeni Thomisidae 124, f. 18-19 (Dm) Tmarus schoutedeni
Tmarus simoni Thomisidae 124, f. 20 (Df) Tmarus simoni
Tmarus spinosus Thomisidae 125, f. 22-23 (Df) Tmarus spinosus
Tmarus thorelli Thomisidae 126, f. 21 (Df) Tmarus thorelli
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