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Levi, H. W. (1955a). The spider genera Coressa and Achaearanea in America north of Mexico (Araneae, Theridiidae). American Museum Novitates 1718: 1-33. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Achaearanea trapezoidalis Theridiidae 9, f. 7-13 (mf) Achaearanea trapezoidalis
Cryptachaea blattea Theridiidae 20, f. 39-40, 46 (Dmf) Achaearanea geochares
Cryptachaea canionis Theridiidae 24, f. 60-68 (Tf from Theridion, Dm) Achaearanea canionis
Cryptachaea chiricahua Theridiidae 26, f. 57-59 (Df) Achaearanea chiricahua
Cryptachaea fresno Theridiidae 27, f. 53-55 (Dmf) Achaearanea fresno
Cryptachaea insulsa Theridiidae 19, f. 41-45 (Tf from Theridion, Dm) Achaearanea insulsa
Cryptachaea porteri Theridiidae 30, f. 71-75, 80-82 (mf, S) Achaearanea porteri
Cryptachaea rupicola Theridiidae 21, f. 47-52, 56 (mf) Achaearanea rupicola
Cryptachaea serenoae Theridiidae 28, f. 76-79 (mf) Achaearanea serenoae
Hentziectypus conjunctus Theridiidae 14, f. 14-18 (Tm from Theridion, Df) Achaearanea conjuncta
Hentziectypus florendidus Theridiidae 15, f. 30-31 (m, misidentified) Achaearanea florens
Hentziectypus florens Theridiidae 15, f. 26-29 (Tf from Theridion, Sm) Achaearanea florens
Hentziectypus globosus Theridiidae 9, f. 19-25 (mf) Achaearanea globosa
Hentziectypus schullei Theridiidae 17, f. 32-38 (Tf from Theridion, Sm) Achaearanea schullei
Parasteatoda tepidariorum Theridiidae 32, f. 69-70, 83-84 (mf) Achaearanea tepidariorum
Theonoe minutissima Theridiidae 4, f. 1 (m) Coressa minutissima
Theonoe stridula Theridiidae 4, f. 2-6 (m, Df) Coressa stridula
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