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Holm, Å. (1956). Notes on Arctic spiders of the genera Erigone Aud. and Hilaira Sim. Arkiv för Zoologi 9: 453-468. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Erigone arctica Linyphiidae 463, f. 1a-b, g, 2a, g, 4a, pl. I, f. 1 (mf, S of Erigone sibirica orientalis) Erigone arctica
Erigone arctica palaearctica Linyphiidae 464, f. 1d, i, 2c-d, i, 4b, pl. I, f. 5-12 (mf, reduced to subspecies) Erigone arctica palaearctica
Erigone arctica sibirica Linyphiidae 464, f. 1c, h, 2b, h, pl. I, f. 2-4 (m, reduced to subspecies) Erigone arctica sibirica
Erigone arctica soerenseni Linyphiidae 460, f. 2f, 3a-d (Dm) Erigone arctica soerenseni
Erigone maritima Linyphiidae 464, f. 1e-f, k, 2e, k, 4c, pl. I, f. 13-20 (mf, removed from S of E. capra) Erigone arctica maritima
Hilaira glacialis Linyphiidae 464, f. 5a-f (f) Hilaira glacialis
Hilaira vexatrix Linyphiidae 464, f. 5g-m (f, S of Araeoncus ruderalis, confirmed S of H. curvitarsis) Hilaira vexatrix
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