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Chickering, A. M. (1957b). The genus Tetragnatha (Araneae, Argiopidae) in Jamaica, B.W.I., and other neighboring islands. Breviora 68: 1-15. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Tetragnatha bryantae Tetragnathidae 13, f. 12-13 (m) Tetragnatha parva
Tetragnatha exigua Tetragnathidae 3, f. 1-5 (Dmf) Tetragnatha exigua
Tetragnatha guatemalensis Tetragnathidae 11 (S) Tetragnatha guatemalensis
Tetragnatha nitens Tetragnathidae 2, 12-13 (S) Tetragnatha antillana
Tetragnatha tenuissima Tetragnathidae 12-13 (S) Tetragnatha tenuissima
Tetragnatha versicolor Tetragnathidae 12, f. 10-11 (m, S) Tetragnatha versicolor
Tetragnatha visenda Tetragnathidae 7, f. 6-9 (Dm) Tetragnatha visenda
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