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Main, B. Y. (1957a). Biology of aganippine trapdoor spiders (Mygalomorphae: Ctenizidae). Australian Journal of Zoology 5(4): 402-473. doi:10.1071/ZO9570402 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bungulla riparia Idiopidae 419, f. 3A, 4D-F, 5D, 7B, 8A, D-E (Dmf) Eucyrtops riparia
Cryptoforis tasmanica Idiopidae 427 (Tf from Aganippe) Arbanitis tasmanicus
Eucanippe nemestrina Idiopidae 435, f. 13A-B (m, aberrant specimen from Albany Highway) [misidentified per Rix et al., 2018: 153] Aganippe raphiduca
Eucyrtops eremaeus Idiopidae 421, f. 8C (Dmf) Eucyrtops eremaea
Eucyrtops latior Idiopidae 416, f. 2A-B, 4A-C, 5C, E, 6, 7A, 24A (Tf from Aganippe, Dm) Eucyrtops latior
Gaius villosus Idiopidae 426, f. 3C, 5B (Dm) Anidiops villosus
Idiosoma cupulifex Idiopidae 436, f. 7F, 9B, 12A, 13C (Dmf) Aganippe cupulifex
Idiosoma manstridgei Idiopidae 426, f. 2C-D, 3B, 5A, 10A-C (m, S of Aganippe whitei, rejected by Rix et al., 2017a: 590, S of Gaius hirsutus, rejected by Rix et al., 2017a: 592) Anidiops manstridgei
Idiosoma nigrum Idiopidae 439, f. 2G-H, 9D, 14B, 24B (Dm) Idiosoma nigrum
Idiosoma occidentale Idiopidae 414, f. 11B (m, Df, S of Aganippe simpsoni; rejected by Main, 1985a: 51) Aganippe occidentalis
Idiosoma rhaphiduca Idiopidae 433, f. 2E-F, 7D, 12B-C, 13D, 26A-G, 27A-C (m) [13A-B is Eucanippe nemestrina per Rix et al., 2018: 153] Aganippe raphiduca
Idiosoma sigillatum Idiopidae 440, f. 15A-B (considered a possible hybrid of I. sigillatum X Aganippe rhaphiduca Rainbow & Pulleine, 1918) Idiosoma hirsutum
Idiosoma smeatoni Idiopidae 429, f. 11A (m, Df; S [with ?] of Aganippe berlandi, A. modesta, A. pelochroa and A. villosa; S of A. berlandi, A. modesta and A. pelochroa rejected by Main, 1985a: 51; A. villosa synonymized with Blakistonia aurea by Main, 1985a: 40) Aganippe smeatoni
Idiosoma subtriste Idiopidae 428, f. 7C (m, S of Aganippe pulleinei and A. robusta; S of A. robusta rejected by Main, 1985a: 13) Aganippe subtristis
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