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Holm, Å. (1958a). Spiders (Araneae) from Greenland. Arkiv för Zoologi 11: 525-534. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ohlertidion lundbecki Theridiidae 525, f. 1-3 (mf, removed from S of Theridion umbraticum, per Roewer, placed as subspecies) Theridion ohlerti lundbecki
Ohlertidion ohlerti Theridiidae 526, f. 4-5 (mf) Theridion ohlerti
Oreoneta frigida Linyphiidae 528 (S) Hilaira frigida
Psammitis deichmanni Thomisidae 533, f. 9 (m, removed from S of X. labradorensis) Xysticus deichmanni
Psammitis labradorensis Thomisidae 533, f. 10 (m) Xysticus labradorensis
Thanatus arcticus Philodromidae 530, f. 6-8 (m) Thanatus arcticus
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