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Holm, Å. (1958b). The spiders of the Isfjord region of Spitsbergen. Zoologiska Bidrag från Uppsala 33: 29-67. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Collinsia holmgreni Linyphiidae 43, f. 6-8 (m) Collinsia holmgreni
Collinsia spetsbergensis Linyphiidae 45, f. 3-5 (m) Collinsia spetsbergensis
Collinsia thulensis Linyphiidae 48, f. 9-11, pl. I.4-6 (mf) Collinsia thulensis
Improphantes complicatus Linyphiidae 57 (S of Lepthyphantes hyperboreus and L. umbraticola) Lepthyphantes complicatus
Mecynargus borealis Linyphiidae 40, f. 2 (m, T from Typhochrestus, S of Rhaebothorax borealis thori) Rhaebothorax borealis
Micaria constricta Gnaphosidae 61, f. 14, pl. I.1-3 (m, Df) Micaria eltoni
Mughiphantes sobrius Linyphiidae 59 (S of Lepthyphantes latebricola) Lepthyphantes sobrius
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