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Bonnet, P. (1959). Bibliographia araneorum. Analyse méthodique de toute la littérature aranéologique jusqu'en 1939. Tome II. Systématique des araignées (Étude par ordre alphabétique) (5me partie: T-Z). Douladoure, Toulouse, pp. 4231-5058. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araneus rubriventer Araneidae 4879 (doubtful senior S of Xysticus intersectus = Araneus intersectus, which is itself a nomen dubium, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Aranea rubriventer
Euoplos variabilis Idiopidae 4237 (S of Tambouriniana variabilis flavomaculata) Tambouriniana variabilis
Hogna inops masarangi Lycosidae 4704 (T from Lycosa, var. masarangi included in T. inops) Trochosa inops
Hogna inops lompobattangi Lycosidae 4704 (T from Lycosa, var. lombobattangi included in T. inops) Trochosa inops
Micryphantes tesselatus Linyphiidae 4245 (listed as S of Tapinopa longidens, but without giving a reference for the S) Micryphantes tesselatus
Ozyptila fucata Thomisidae 4875 Xysticus fucatus
Parasteatoda lunata Theridiidae 4547 Theridium urticae
Phintella accentifera Salticidae 4305 (nomen nudum) Telamonia accentifera
Phylloneta sisyphia Theridiidae 4998 (T from Zilla) Zygiella alpina
Tessarops maritimus Lycosidae 4312 (N.B.: omitted by Roewer and Brignoli) Tessarops maritimus
Thelcticopis papuana Sparassidae 4420 Thelcticopis brevipes
Theonoe fusca Theridiidae 4423 (valid, S of Argus formivorus confirmed) Theonoe fusca
Theridion alveolus Theridiidae 4447 (nomen nudum) Theridium alveolus
Theridion asbolodes Theridiidae 4445 (lapsus) Theridion absolodes
Theridion bicolor Theridiidae 4452 Theridium bicolor
Theridion calcynatum Theridiidae 4459 (lapsus) Theridion calycinatum
Theridion coenosum Theridiidae 4459 (lapsus) Theridion caenosum
Theridion expallidatum Theridiidae 4471 (lapsus) Theridion expallidum
Theridion trigonicum Theridiidae 4545 (lapsus) Theridion trigonum
Theridion zantholabio Theridiidae 4555 (invalid emendation) Theridion xantholabio
Thomisus albus Thomisidae 4585 (doubtful senior S of Thomisus onustus, see Simon, 1918a: 51) Thomisus albus
Tibellus argentatus Philodromidae 4609 (unidentifiable = nomen dubium) Tibellus argentatus
Trochosa ruricola Lycosidae 4705 Trochosa ochracea
Xysticus nigrotrivittatus Thomisidae 4890 (lapsus) Xysticus nigrovittatus
Zelotes ater Gnaphosidae 4953 (listed as S of Z. subterraneus and as preoccupied by Latreille, 1806, see Zelotes ater) Zelotes ater
Zelotes ater Gnaphosidae 4929, 4953 (listed as S of Z. latereillei and of Z. subterraneus; taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Zelotes ater
Zelotes petiverii Gnaphosidae 4951 (doubtful senior snyonym of Zelotes subterraneus, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Aranea petiverii
Zodarion occitanicum Zodariidae 4973 (doubtful senior S of Z. elegans, taken as nomen dubium, see Denis, 1937a: 42) Zodarion occitanicum
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