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Chickering, A. M. (1960d). Six new species of Micrathena (Araneae, Argiopidae) from South America with notes on known species. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 135: 65-89. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Micrathena bicolor Araneidae 67, f. 4-7 (f) Micrathena bicolor
Micrathena brevispina Araneidae 68, f. 8-11 (f) Micrathena bifissa
Micrathena brevispina Araneidae 68, f. 12-14 (f) Micrathena brevispina
Micrathena brevispina Araneidae 83, f. 66-70 (Dm) Micrathena mansueta
Micrathena crassa Araneidae 71, f. 21-25 (f) Micrathena crassa
Micrathena cyanospina Araneidae 73, f. 26-28 (f) Micrathena cyanospina
Micrathena decorata Araneidae 73, f. 29-32 (Df) Micrathena decorata
Micrathena digitata Araneidae 75, f. 33-37 (f) Micrathena digitata
Micrathena digitata Araneidae 80, f. 58-62 (Df) Micrathena hyatti
Micrathena elongata Araneidae 76, f. 38-40 (f) Micrathena elongata
Micrathena evansi Araneidae 77, f. 41-45 (Dm) Micrathena evansi
Micrathena furva Araneidae 78, f. 46-49 (m) Micrathena furva
Micrathena guerini Araneidae 79, f. 50-51 (f) Micrathena guerini
Micrathena lucasi Araneidae 66, f. 1-3 (f) Micrathena acutospina
Micrathena lucasi Araneidae 82, f. 63-65 (f) Micrathena lucasi
Micrathena lucasi Araneidae 85, f. 74-75 (f) Micrathena occidentalis
Micrathena necopinata Araneidae 84, f. 71-73 (Dm) Micrathena necopinata
Micrathena nigrichelis Araneidae 79, f. 52-57 (mf) Micrathena henseli
Micrathena pungens Araneidae 85, f. 76-79 (f, S) Micrathena pungens
Micrathena rubicundula Araneidae 87, f. 80-82 (f) Micrathena rubicundula
Micrathena schenkeli Araneidae 70, f. 15-20 (Dm) Micrathena browningi
Micrathena swainsoni Araneidae 87, f. 83-90 (mf) Micrathena swainsoni
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