Included taxa

Blackwall, J. (1865a). Descriptions of recently discovered spiders collected in the Cape de Verde Islands by John Gray, Esq. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (3) 16: 80-101. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Argiope sector Araneidae 98 (Df) Argyopes clarkii
Berlandina nigromaculata Gnaphosidae 86 (Dmf) Drassus nigromaculatus
Bianor simplex Salticidae 82 (Dm) Salticus simplex
Cyclosa insulana Araneidae 94 (Dm) Epeira moesta
Dendryphantes sedulus Salticidae 84 (Dj) Salticus sedulus
Drassodes assimilatus Gnaphosidae 88 (Dm) Drassus assimilatus
Hersiliola versicolor Hersiliidae 81 (Df) Hersilia versicolor
Loxosceles rufescens Sicariidae 100 (Dm) [misidentified] Scytodes pallida
Neoscona subfusca Araneidae 95 (Dm) Epeira blanda
Steatoda fallax Theridiidae 91 (Df) Theridion fallax
Steatoda quinquenotata Theridiidae 92 (Df) Theridion quinquenotatum
Steatoda sagax Theridiidae 93 (Dj) Theridion sagax
Tetragnatha maculata Tetragnathidae 99 (Dmf) Tetragnatha maculata
Trichonephila senegalensis Araneidae 96 (Df) Nephila grayii
Uloborus plumipes Uloboridae 90 (Df) Orithya gnava
Wesolowskana marginella Salticidae 83 (Dm; N.B.: preoccupied by Guérin, 1834) Salticus lepidus
Xysticus pigrides Thomisidae 85 (Df; preoccupied) Thomisus piger
Zosis geniculata Uloboridae 89 (Df) Orithya luteolus
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