Included taxa

Blackwall, J. (1865b). Descriptions of recently discovered species and characters of a new genus, of Araneida from the east of Central Africa. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (3) 16(95): 336-352. doi:10.1080/00222936508679441 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afroneutria velox Ctenidae 336 (Df) Ctenus velox
Argiope australis Araneidae 346 (Df) Argyopes caudatus
Ctenus vividus Ctenidae 337 (Df) Ctenus vividus
Latrodectus cinctus Theridiidae 341 (Df) Latrodectus cinctus
Neoscona vigilans Araneidae 342 (Df) Epeira vigilans
Paraplectana thorntoni Araneidae 348 (Df) Eurysoma thorntoni
Paraplectana walleri Araneidae 349 (Df) Eurysoma walleri
Peucetia pulchra Oxyopidae 338 (Df) Pasithea pulchra
Pycnacantha tribulus Araneidae 351 (Df) [] Pycnacantha meadii
Selenops radiatus Selenopidae 340 (Df) Selenops alacer
Trichonephila fenestrata venusta Nephilidae 345 (Df) Nephila venusta
Trichonephila senegalensis keyserlingi Nephilidae 343 (Df) Nephila kyserlingii
Genus Family Page
Pycnacantha Blackwall, 1865 Araneidae 350