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Komatsu, T. (1961a). Cave spiders of Japan, their taxonomy, chorology and ecology. Arachnological Society of East Asia, Osaka, 91 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Belisana akebona Pholcidae 27, f. 15A-I, 17A-E (Dmf) Spermophora akebona
Cicurina japonica Hahniidae 33, f. 21A-E (f) Cicurina parvula
Coelotes antri Agelenidae 34, f. 22A-E (Df in generic nomen nudum) Speleocicurina antri
Coelotes cavicola Agelenidae 36 (Df in generic nomen nudum, erroneously attributed to Kishida; placed here because of subsequent placement of Speleocicurina antri) Speleocicurina cavicola
Coelotes hexommatus Agelenidae 36, f. 23A-D (f) Urobia hexommata
Conculus lyugadinus Anapidae 23, f. 13A-E (mf) Conculus lyugadinus
Cybaeus ishikawai Cybaeidae 32, f. 20A-E (f) Dolichocybaeus isikawai
Cybaeus sanctus Cybaeidae 30, f. 19A-C (f; name attributed to Kishida) Cybaeomyro sanctus
Cyclocarcina floronoides Nesticidae 24, f. 14A-F (mf) Cyclocarcina floronoides
Cyclocarcina linyphoides Nesticidae 20, f. 11A-H (mf) Sunitorypha linyphoides
Falcileptoneta kugoana Leptonetidae 9, f. 2A-F, 3 (Df) Leptoneta kugoana
Falcileptoneta melanocomata Leptonetidae 11, f. 4A-F (mf) Leptoneta melanocomata
Falcileptoneta musculina Leptonetidae 12, f. 5A-G (Dmf) Leptoneta musculina
Falcileptoneta speciosa Leptonetidae 13, f. 6A-F (mf) Leptoneta speciosa
Falcileptoneta usihanana Leptonetidae 15, f. 8A-E (Df) Leptoneta usihanana
Masirana cinevacea Leptonetidae 16, f. 7A-E (m) Masirana cineracea
Masirana glabra Leptonetidae 18, f. 10A-D (m) Sarutana glabra
Masirana nippara Leptonetidae 17, f. 9A-E (m) Masirana nippara
Meta menardi Tetragnathidae 29, f. 18A-D (f) Meta menardi
Micrargus nibeoventris Linyphiidae 26, f. 16A-E (mf) Dellorrhipis nibeoventris
Phoroncidia pilula Theridiidae 22, f. 12A-E (f) Theridion pilula
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