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Blackwall, J. (1866). A list of spiders captured in the south-east region of equatorial Africa, with descriptions of such species as appear to be new to arachnologists. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (3) 18(108): 451-468. doi:10.1080/00222936608679683 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Artema atlanta Pholcidae 459 (Df) Artema convexa
Caerostris vicina Araneidae 465 (Df) Eurysoma vicina
Ctenus vagus Ctenidae 451 (Df) Ctenus vagus
Cyrtophora citricola Araneidae 462 (Df) Epeira dorsuosa
Hyllus cornutus Salticidae 455 (Df) Salticus cornutus
Kilima decens Araneidae 461 (Dj) Epeira decens
Leucauge festiva Tetragnathidae 467 (Df) Tetragnatha festiva
Olios abnormis Sparassidae 457 (Dj) Sparassus abnormis
Stegodyphus africanus Eresidae 453 (Df) Eresus africanus
Theridion trahax Theridiidae 458 (Df) Theridion trahax
Thomisus candidus Thomisidae 456 (Df) Thomisus candidus
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