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Benoit, P. L. G. (1962a). Monographie des Araneidae-Gasteracanthinae africains (Araneae). Annales, Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Sciences zoologiques 112: 1-70. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acrosomoides linnaei Araneidae 45, f. 30-31 (Tf from Gasteracantha) Acrosomoides linnaei
Acrosomoides tetraedra Araneidae 48, f. 33-34 (f, T from Gasteracantha) Acrosomoides tetraedra
Aetrocantha falkensteini Araneidae 23, f. 16 (T from Gasteracantha) Isoxya galeata
Aetrocantha falkensteini Araneidae 43, f. 28-29 (f, T from Gasteracantha) Aetrocantha falkensteini
Afracantha camerunensis Araneidae 25, f. 18 (removed f from S of Gasteracantha batesi per Roewer, S) Isoxya camerunensis
Gasteracantha milvoides Araneidae 59 (removed f from S of G. versicolor, S) Gasteracantha milvoides
Gasteracantha sanguinolenta Araneidae 63, f. 42 (S) Gasteracantha sanguinolenta
Gasteracantha versicolor Araneidae 61, f. 40 (S) Gasteracantha versicolor
Gastroxya krausi Araneidae 11, f. 7-10 (Dmf) Gastroxya krausi
Gastroxya leleupi Araneidae 13, f. 11 (Df) Gastroxya leleupi
Gastroxya schoutedeni Araneidae 9, f. 1-6 (Dmf) Gastroxya schoutedeni
Hypsacantha crucimaculata Araneidae 31 (Tf from Gasteracantha) Isoxya crucimaculata
Isoxya cicatricosa Araneidae 38, f. 25bis (Tmf from Gasteracantha, S) Isoxya cicatricosa
Isoxya kochi Araneidae 20 (T from Gasteracantha) Isoxya penizoides
Isoxya mossamedensis Araneidae 24, f. 17 (Df) Isoxya mossamedensis
Isoxya mucronata Araneidae 27, f. 20 (Tf from Gasteracantha) Isoxya mucronata
Isoxya nigromutica Araneidae 66 (Tf from Gasteracantha) Isoxya nigromutica
Isoxya semiflava Araneidae 29, f. 22 (removed f from S of I. mucronata, S) Isoxya semiflava
Isoxya somalica Araneidae 67 (Tf from Gasteracantha) Isoxya somalica
Isoxya stuhlmanni Araneidae 34, f. 25 (f, T from Gasteracantha) Isoxya stuhlmanni
Isoxya tabulata Araneidae 36 (Tmf from Gasteracantha) Isoxya tabulata
Isoxya testudinaria Araneidae 31, f. 23 (Tmf from Gasteracantha, S) Isoxya testudinaria
Togacantha nordviei Araneidae 16, f. 12-13 (removed f from S of Gasteracantha simoni) Isoxya (T.) nordviei
Trichonephila inaurata madagascariensis Nephilidae 231 (elevated to species, rejected) Nephila madagascariensis
Genus Family Page
Gastroxya Benoit, 1962 Araneidae 8