Included taxa

Cooke, J. A. L. (1962). The spiders of Colne Point, Essex, with descriptions of two species new to Britain. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 97: 245-253. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Heliophanus auratus Salticidae 248, f. 3-4 (mf) Heliophanus auratus
Heliophanus flavipes Salticidae 249, f. 2 (f) Heliophanus flavipes
Pseudeuophrys obsoleta Salticidae 245, f. 1 (f) Euophrys browningi
Trichoncus hackmani Linyphiidae 249, f. 5-9 (mf) Trichoncus hackmani
Zelotes apricorum Gnaphosidae 247, f. 10 (m, reduced to subspecies, rejected) Zelotes subterraneus apricorum
Zelotes subterraneus Gnaphosidae 247, f. 11 (m, removed from S of Z. ater) Zelotes subterraneus
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