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Levi, H. W. (1962a). The spider genera Steatoda and Enoplognatha in America (Araneae, Theridiidae). Psyche, Cambridge 69(1): 11-36. doi:10.1155/1962/42957 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Enoplognatha juninensis Theridiidae 17, f. 11-13 (f) Enoplognatha juninensis
Enoplognatha maricopa Theridiidae 15, f. 1-5 (Dmf) Enoplognatha maricopa
Enoplognatha peruviana Theridiidae 16, f. 6-8 (f, Dm) Enoplognatha peruviana
Enoplognatha puno Theridiidae 17, f. 9-10 (Df) Enoplognatha puno
Enoplognatha zapfeae Theridiidae 19, f. 14-15 (Df) Enoplognatha zapfei
Selkirkiella ventrosa Theridiidae 12 (Tf from Theridion, S) Anelosimus recurvatus
Steatoda ancorata Theridiidae 34, f. 40-47 (mf, S) Steatoda ancorata
Steatoda andina Theridiidae 26, f. 16-19 (mf) Steatoda andina
Steatoda bipunctata Theridiidae 20 (S) Steatoda bipunctata
Steatoda chinchipe Theridiidae 32, f. 31-32 (Df) Steatoda chinchipe
Steatoda diamantina Theridiidae 31, f. 28-30 (Dmf) Steatoda diamantina
Steatoda erigoniformis Theridiidae 25 (S of Steatoda septemmaculata) Steatoda erigoniformis
Steatoda grossa Theridiidae 26 (S) Steatoda grossa
Steatoda iheringi Theridiidae 31, f. 33-36, 48 (f, Dm, S) Steatoda iheringi
Steatoda marta Theridiidae 28, f. 20-22 (Dmf) Steatoda marta
Steatoda porteri Theridiidae 33, f. 37-39 (f) Steatoda porteri
Steatoda sabulosa Theridiidae 30, f. 25-27 (m, Sf) Steatoda sabulosa
Steatoda variipes Theridiidae 33, f. 23-24 (Tf from Theridion) Steatoda variipes
Theridion rubrum Theridiidae 20 (Tf from Steatoda) Theridion rubrum
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