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Tikader, B. K. (1962b). Studies on some Indian spiders (Araneae: Arachnida). Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology (Zool.) 44(300): 561-584. doi:10.1111/j.1096-3642.1962.tb01624.x download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agelena gautami Agelenidae 569, f. 2 (Df) Agelena gautami
Bomis bengalensis Thomisidae 580, f. 11a-b (Df) Bomis bengalensis
Cheiracanthium saraswatii Cheiracanthiidae 568, f. 1a-d (Dmf) Cheiracanthium saraswatii
Diaea subdola Thomisidae 573, f. 5a-c (Dmf) Misumena horai
Lysiteles brunettii Thomisidae 578, f. 10 (Df) Synaema brunettii
Massuria sreepanchamii Thomisidae 571, f. 4a-b (Df) Pistius sreepanchamii
Misumena mridulai Thomisidae 573, f. 6 (Df) Misumena mridulai
Nephila robusta Araneidae 566 (Df) Nephila robusta
Philodromus assamensis Philodromidae 581, f. 12a-c (Df) Philodromus assamensis
Philodromus decoratus Philodromidae 582, f. 13 (Df) Philodromus decoratus
Thomisus sikkimensis Thomisidae 569, f. 3a-c (Df) Thomisus sikkimensis
Xysticus croceus Thomisidae 577, f. 8a-b (Dmf) Xysticus sujatai
Xysticus kamakhyai Thomisidae 575, f. 7 (Df) Xysticus kamakhyai
Xysticus shillongensis Thomisidae 578, f. 9 (Df) Xysticus shillongensis
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