Included taxa

Chickering, A. M. (1963c). The Hahniidae (Araneae) of Michigan. Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters 48: 65-72. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Antistea brunnea Hahniidae 66, f. 1-2 (mf) Antistea brunnea
Hahnia cinerea Hahniidae 67, f. 3-6 (mf) Hahnia cinerea
Neoantistea agilis Hahniidae 69, f. 7-10 (f) Neoantistea agilis
Neoantistea magna Hahniidae 70, f. 11-14 (mf, misidentified, S, rejected) Neoantistea riparia
No genus found for this reference