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Levi, H. W. (1963a). American spiders of the genera Audifia, Euryopis and Dipoena (Araneae: Theridiidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 129(2): 121-185, pl. 1-12. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Achaearanea micratula Theridiidae 138 (T from Dipoena) Achaearanea micratula
Audifia laevithorax Theridiidae 125, f. 1-4 (f) Audifia laevithorax
Audifia semigranosa Theridiidae 125, f. 5-6 (f) Audifia semigranosa
Chrosiothes valmonti Theridiidae 138 (Tm from Dipoena) Chrosiothes valmonti
Dipoena anahuas Theridiidae 164, f. 171-173 (Df) Dipoena anahuas
Dipoena anas Theridiidae 153, f. 68-69 (Dm) Dipoena anas
Dipoena anas Theridiidae 173, f. 232-234 (Df) [] Dipoena barro
Dipoena atlantica Theridiidae 163, f. 150-154 (mf) Dipoena atlantica
Dipoena augara Theridiidae 176, f. 254-256 (Df) Dipoena augara
Dipoena banksi Theridiidae 177, f. 263-265 (mf, S of Dipoena schmidti) Dipoena banksi
Dipoena bellingeri Theridiidae 151, f. 66-67 (Df) Dipoena bellingeri
Dipoena beni Theridiidae 157, f. 111-113 (Df) Dipoena beni
Dipoena bernardino Theridiidae 147, f. 125-127 (Df) Dipoena bernardino
Dipoena bimini Theridiidae 169, f. 199-204 (Dmf) Dipoena bimini
Dipoena boquete Theridiidae 149, f. 44-45 (Dm) Dipoena boquete
Dipoena bryantae Theridiidae 168, f. 191-193 (mf) Dipoena bryantae
Dipoena chillana Theridiidae 149, f. 46-52 (Dmf) Dipoena chillana
Dipoena cordiformis Theridiidae 175, f. 244 (m) Dipoena cordiformis
Dipoena cordiformis Theridiidae 175, f. 245-247 (f) Dipoena copiosa
Dipoena cornuta Theridiidae 171, f. 219-222 (mf) Dipoena cornuta
Dipoena crocea Theridiidae 148, f. 110 (m) Dipoena crocea
Dipoena dorsata Theridiidae 144, f. 65 (f) Dipoena dorsata
Dipoena duodecimpunctata Theridiidae 174, f. 238-241 (m, Df) Dipoena duodecimpunctata
Dipoena eatoni Theridiidae 153, f. 81-83 (f) Dipoena eatoni
Dipoena esra Theridiidae 161, f. 119-121 (Df) Dipoena esra
Dipoena flavomaculata Theridiidae 150, f. 57-58 (f, T from Ulesanis) Dipoena flavomaculata
Dipoena foliata Theridiidae 181, f. 292-294 (f; m see Dipoena ira) Dipoena foliata
Dipoena granulata Theridiidae 182, f. 302-303 (m) Dipoena granulata
Dipoena hortoni Theridiidae 175, f. 250-253 (mf) Dipoena hortoni
Dipoena insulana Theridiidae 165, f. 174-177 (mf) Dipoena insulana
Dipoena ira Theridiidae 173, f. 235-237 (Df) Dipoena ira
Dipoena ira Theridiidae 181, f. 295-296 (m; misidentified per Buckup & Marques, 1996: 52) Dipoena foliata
Dipoena isthmia Theridiidae 179, f. 281-284 (m, Df) Dipoena isthmia
Dipoena josephus Theridiidae 148, f. 109 (m) Dipoena josephus
Dipoena keyserlingi Theridiidae 174, f. 242-243 (f, T from Euryopis, replacement name) Dipoena keyserlingi
Dipoena kuyuwini Theridiidae 156, f. 105-108 (Dmf) Dipoena kuyuwini
Dipoena lana Theridiidae 146, f. 128-130 (f) Dipoena lana
Dipoena liguanea Theridiidae 179, f. 277-280 (Dmf) Dipoena liguanea
Dipoena longiventris Theridiidae 160, f. 114-115 (f, T from Euryopis) Dipoena longiventris
Dipoena meckeli Theridiidae 177, f. 257-258 (f) Dipoena meckeli
Dipoena mertoni Theridiidae 161, f. 122-124 (Df) Dipoena mertoni
Dipoena militaris Theridiidae 151, f. 59-64 (mf, S of Dipoena matogrossensis) Dipoena militaris
Dipoena nigra Theridiidae 143 (S of Dipoena parvula) Dipoena nigra
Dipoena niteroi Theridiidae 166, f. 181-182 (Dm) Dipoena niteroi
Dipoena obscura Theridiidae 164, f. 169-170 (f) Dipoena obscura
Dipoena ohigginsi Theridiidae 150, f. 53-55 (Df) Dipoena ohigginsi
Dipoena olivenca Theridiidae 154, f. 90-92 (Df) Dipoena olivenca
Dipoena opana Theridiidae 154, f. 93-95 (Df) Dipoena opana
Dipoena orvillei Theridiidae 178, f. 268-271 (m, Df) Dipoena orvillei
Dipoena pacifica Theridiidae 178, f. 272-276 (mf) Dipoena pacifica
Dipoena pallisteri Theridiidae 180, f. 288-291 (Df) Dipoena pallisteri
Dipoena parki Theridiidae 152, f. 78-80 (f) Dipoena parki
Dipoena perimenta Theridiidae 158, f. 133-137 (Dmf) Dipoena perimenta
Dipoena peruensis Theridiidae 157, f. 131-132 (Df) Dipoena peruensis
Dipoena plaumanni Theridiidae 155, f. 99-104 (Dmf) Dipoena plaumanni
Dipoena proterva Theridiidae 152, f. 70-73 (mf) Dipoena proterva
Dipoena puertoricensis Theridiidae 166, f. 178-180 (Df) Dipoena puertoricensis
Dipoena pulchella Theridiidae 138 (not recognizable, type specimcen not found, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Dipoena pulchella
Dipoena pumicata Theridiidae 170, f. 209-218 (mf, T from Euryopis, S of Dipoena maculata) Dipoena pumicata
Dipoena pusilla Theridiidae 165, f. 160-162 (Tf from Euryopis) Dipoena pusilla
Dipoena rubella Theridiidae 167, f. 187-190 (mf, T from Theridion, S of Dipoena roeweri = D. petrunkevitchi Chickering) Dipoena rubellum
Dipoena santacatarinae Theridiidae 168, f. 194-198 (Dmf) Dipoena santacatarinae
Dipoena seclusa Theridiidae 152, f. 74-77 (mf) Dipoena seclusa
Dipoena standleyi Theridiidae 163, f. 155-159 (Df) Dipoena standleyi
Dipoena taeniatipes Theridiidae 154, f. 87-89 (f) Dipoena taeniatipes
Dipoena taeniatipes Theridiidae 181, f. 297-298 (Dm) [] Dipoena itu
Dipoena tingo Theridiidae 180, f. 285-287 (Df) Dipoena tingo
Dipoena tingo Theridiidae 182, f. 299-301 (Dm) [] Dipoena inca
Dipoena tiro Theridiidae 171, f. 223-227 (Dmf) Dipoena tiro
Dipoena trinidensis Theridiidae 172, f. 228-231 (Dmf) Dipoena trinidensis
Dipoena tropica Theridiidae 177, f. 259-262 (m, Df) Dipoena tropica
Dipoena variabilis Theridiidae 167, f. 185-186 (f, T from Euryopis) Dipoena variabilis
Dipoena variabilis Theridiidae 176, f. 248-249 (Dm) [] Dipoena sicki
Dipoena venusta Theridiidae 160, f. 116-118 (f) Dipoena venusta
Dipoena waspucensis Theridiidae 160, f. 140-142 (Df) Dipoena waspucensis
Dipoena woytkowskii Theridiidae 162, f. 147-149 (Df) Dipoena woytkowskii
Dipoena zeteki Theridiidae 155, f. 96-98 (Df) Dipoena zeteki
Dipoenata balboae Theridiidae 148, f. 39-43 (mf) Dipoena balboae
Dipoenata conica Theridiidae 162, f. 56, 143-146 (mf, S of Dipoena cylindrica) Dipoena conica
Dipoenata morosa Theridiidae 153, f. 84-86 (m) Dipoena morosa
Emertonella emertoni Theridiidae 130, f. 27-28 (m) Euryopis emertoni
Emertonella taczanowskii Theridiidae 132, f. 10 (Sm) Euryopis taczanowskii
Euryopis brevis Theridiidae 132 (probable senior S of Euryopis [now Emertonella] taczanowskii, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Euryopis brevis
Euryopis camis Theridiidae 132, f. 17-19 (Dmf) Euryopis camis
Euryopis cobreensis Theridiidae 134, f. 22-26 (Dmf) Euryopis cobreensis
Euryopis funebris Theridiidae 130 (rejected S) Euryopis funebris
Euryopis gracilis Theridiidae 126 (type lost, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Euryopis gracilis
Euryopis limbata Theridiidae 130 (S of Euryopis funebris rejected, synonymy only probable, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Euryopis limbata
Euryopis notabilis Theridiidae 136, f. 34-35 (Tf from Theridion) Euryopis notabila
Euryopis pickardi Theridiidae 135, f. 30-33 (Dmf) Euryopis pickardi
Euryopis quinquemaculata Theridiidae 131, f. 11-16 (mf, S of Euryopis bryantae and E. texana (Bryant, 1949)) Euryopis quinquemaculata
Euryopis saukea Theridiidae 130, f. 7-9 (Df) Euryopis saukea
Euryopis spinifera Theridiidae 133, f. 20 (m) Euryopis spinifera
Euryopis spinigera Theridiidae 130, f. 29 (m) Euryopis spinigera
Euryopis tribulata Theridiidae 136, f. 36-38 (f) Euryopis tribulata
Euryopis varis Theridiidae 130 (name for above misidentified f) Euryopis varis
Euryopis weesei Theridiidae 134, f. 21 (Dm) Euryopis weesei
Lasaeola bequaerti Theridiidae 178, f. 266-267 (m) Dipoena bequaerti
Lasaeola donaldi Theridiidae 165, f. 163-168 (m, Df) Dipoena donaldi
Lasaeola prona Theridiidae 145 (S) Dipoena prona
Lasaeola spinithorax Theridiidae 170, f. 205-208 (f) Dipoena spinithorax
Lasaeola superba Theridiidae 167, f. 183-184 (m) Dipoena superba
Phycosoma altum Theridiidae 159, f. 138-139 (f, S of Dipoena furtiva and Euryopis lutea) Dipoena alta
Phycosoma lineatipes Theridiidae 159 (S, rejected) Dipoena alta
Theridula nigerrima Theridiidae 138 (Tmf from Dipoena) Theridula nigerrima
Tidarren sisyphoides Theridiidae 138 (S) Tidarren sisyphoides
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