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Levi, H. W. (1963e). The American spider genera Spintharus and Thwaitesia. Psyche, Cambridge 70(4): 223-234. doi:10.1155/1963/54690 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Spintharus flavidus Theridiidae 225, f. 1, 2K-U, W, 3-9 (mf, S of Spintharus hentzi) Spintharus flavidus
Spintharus gracilis Theridiidae 227, f. 2V, 10-13 (mf) Spintharus gracilis
Thwaitesia affinis Theridiidae 231, f. 14-19 (mf, S of Twaitesia adamantifera) Thwaitesia affinis
Thwaitesia bracteata Theridiidae 233, f. 22-24 (f, Dm) Thwaitesia bracteata
Thwaitesia simoni Theridiidae 234, f. 20-21 (f) Thwaitesia simoni
Thwaitesia splendida Theridiidae 234, f. 25-26 (f) Thwaitesia splendida
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