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Levi, H. W. (1963f). The American spiders of the genus Anelosimus (Araneae, Theridiidae). Transactions of the American Microscopical Society 82: 30-48. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anelosimus domingo Theridiidae 36, f. 63-65 (Dmf) Anelosimus domingo
Anelosimus dubiosus Theridiidae 34 (Tm from Theridion) Anelosimus dubiosus
Anelosimus jabaquara Theridiidae 34 (S, rejected) Anelosimus dubiosus
Anelosimus pacificus Theridiidae 35, f. 62 (Dm) Anelosimus pacificus
Anelosimus rabus Theridiidae 35, f. 66-68 (Dmf) Anelosimus rabus
Chrosiothes episinoides Theridiidae 40, f. 20-24 (Dmf) Anelosimus episinoides
Episinus porteri Theridiidae 47, f. 53-57 (mf) Anelosimus australus
Kochiura attrita Theridiidae 38, f. 14-19 (f, Dm, S) Anelosimus attritus
Kochiura casablanca Theridiidae 37, f. 1-4 (Dmf) Anelosimus casablanca
Kochiura ocellata Theridiidae 41, f. 25-26 (Df) Anelosimus chiloensis
Kochiura rosea Theridiidae 37, f. 5-13 (mf) Anelosimus gracilus
Kochiura temuco Theridiidae 44, f. 39-40 (Df) Anelosimus temuco
Selkirkiella carelmapuensis Theridiidae 45, f. 45-48 (Df) Anelosimus carelmapuensis
Selkirkiella luisi Theridiidae 42, f. 35-38 (f, Dm, misidentified) Anelosimus albolineatus
Selkirkiella magallanes Theridiidae 42, f. 31-34 (Dmf) Anelosimus magallanes
Selkirkiella michaelseni Theridiidae 44, f. 41-44 (f, Dm) Anelosimus michaelseni
Selkirkiella purpurea Theridiidae 41, f. 27-30 (f, Dm, misidentified) Anelosimus bucculentus
Selkirkiella ventrosa Theridiidae 45, f. 49-52 (f, Dm) Anelosimus recurvatus
Stemmops osorno Theridiidae 47, f. 58-61 (Dm) Anelosimus osorno
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