Included taxa

Tikader, B. K. (1963e). Studies on interesting south Indian crab-spiders (Family: Thomisidae). Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Science 58(B): 249-262. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Angaeus pentagonalis Thomisidae 257, f. 8a-b (Df) Misumenoides kripalaniae
Lycopus bangalores Thomisidae 260, f. 10 (Df) Apollophanes bangalores
Mastira menoka Thomisidae 254, f. 5a-b (Dm) Misumena menoka
Misumena annapurna Thomisidae 256, f. 7a-b (Df) Misumena annapurna
Misumena indra Thomisidae 255, f. 6a-b (Dm) Misumena indra
Monaeses parvati Thomisidae 249, f. 1a-c (Df) Monaeses parvati
Pasias puspagiri Thomisidae 253, f. 4 (Df) Pasias puspagiri
Strigoplus netravati Thomisidae 252, f. 3a-b (Df) Strigoplus netravati
Thomisus katrajghatus Thomisidae 258, f. 9a-b (Df) Thomisus katrajghatus
Tmarus kotigeharus Thomisidae 250, f. 2a-c (Df) Tmarus kotigeharus
Xysticus kashidi Thomisidae 261, f. 11 (Df) Xysticus kashidi
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