Included taxa

Yaginuma, T. (1963b). Spiders from limestone caves of Akiyoshi Plateau. Bulletin of the Akiyoshi-dai Museum of Natural History 2: 49-62. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cicurina japonica Hahniidae 53, f. p-w (mf) Cicurina honesta
Conculus lyugadinus Anapidae 53, f. k-o (mf) Conculus lyugadinus
Cybaeus kuramotoi Cybaeidae 54, 57, f. g-h (Dmf) Cybaeus kuramotoi
Cybaeus okafujii Cybaeidae 54, 58, f. e-f (Dmf) Cybaeus okafujii
Falcileptoneta uenoi Leptonetidae 52, 57, f. i-j (Dm) Leptoneta uenoi
Masirana akiyoshiensis Leptonetidae 51, f. x-y (m) Leptoneta akiyoshiensis
No genus found for this reference