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Carico, J. E. & Holt, P. C. (1964). A comparative study of the female copulatory apparatus of certain species in the spider genus Dolomedes (Pisauridae: Araneae). Technical Bulletin, Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station, Blacksburg, Virginia 172: 1-27. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dolomedes albineus Pisauridae 12, f. 15-16 (f) Dolomedes albineus
Dolomedes fimbriatus Pisauridae 12, f. 11-12 (f) Dolomedes fimbriatus
Dolomedes okefinokensis Pisauridae 13, f. 25-26 (f) Dolomedes okefenokensis
Dolomedes scriptus Pisauridae 12, f. 13-14 (f) Dolomedes scriptus
Dolomedes striatus Pisauridae 12, f. 19-20 (f) Dolomedes striatus
Dolomedes tenebrosus Pisauridae 13, f. 23-24 (f) Dolomedes tenebrosus
Dolomedes triton Pisauridae 12, f. 21-22 (f) Dolomedes triton
Dolomedes vittatus Pisauridae 12, f. 17-18 (f) Dolomedes urinator
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