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Denis, J. (1964a). Spiders from the Azores and Madeira. Boletim do Museu Municipal do Funchal 18: 68-102. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Lathys dentichelis Dictynidae 92, f. 12-16 (Dmf) [] Lathys rubrovittata
Lathys dentichelis Dictynidae 93, f. 17 (Df) [] Lathys alboretromaculata
Liophrurillus flavitarsis Phrurolithidae 96, f. 23 (Df) [] Phrurolithus grandis
Mermessus fradeorum Linyphiidae 80, f. 3-4 (f) Anerigone fradeorum
Micaria pallipes Gnaphosidae 95, f. 18-22 (Dmf) Micaria oceanica
Palliduphantes stygius Linyphiidae 82, f. 5-9 (mf) Lepthyphantes stygius
Pardosa acorensis Lycosidae 90, f. 10-11 (Df) Pardosa albiventris
Pseudeuophrys vafra Salticidae 74, f. 2 (Df) Phlegra moesta
Xysticus cor Thomisidae 72, f. 1 (f) Xysticus cor
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