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Levi, H. W. (1964c). American spiders of the genus Episinus (Araneae: Theridiidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 131: 1-25. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Episinus albostriatus Theridiidae 12, f. 5-7 (f) Episinus albostriatus
Episinus aspus Theridiidae 19, f. 48-51 (Dmf) Episinus aspus
Episinus bimucronatus Theridiidae 20, f. 52-54 (f) Episinus bimucronatus
Episinus emanus Theridiidae 11, f. 9-11 (Df) Episinus emanus
Episinus immundus Theridiidae 8, f. 16-22 (f) Episinus immundus
Episinus implexus Theridiidae 15, f. 23 (Simon's f is j) Episinus implexus
Episinus moyobamba Theridiidae 16, f. 40-42 (Df) Episinus moyobamba
Episinus panamensis Theridiidae 18, f. 37-39 (Df) Episinus panamensis
Episinus pyrus Theridiidae 17, f. 34-36 (Df) Episinus pyrus
Episinus teresopolis Theridiidae 15, f. 24-26 (Df) Episinus teresopolis
Episinus truncatus Theridiidae 5 (S) Episinus truncatus
Episinus typicus Theridiidae 10, f. 12-15 (f, Dm, S) Episinus typicus
Episinus unitus Theridiidae 16, f. 27-29 (Df) Episinus unitus
Episinus vaticus Theridiidae 18, f. 43-47 (Dmf) Episinus vaticus
Episinus zurlus Theridiidae 23, f. 58-63 (Dmf) Episinus zurlus
Janula bicornigera Theridiidae 20, f. 55-57 (mf) Episinus bicorniger
Janula bicruciata Theridiidae 21, f. 69-72 (f) Episinus bicruciatus
Janula erythrophthalma Theridiidae 23, f. 79-93 (mf) Episinus erythrophthalmus
Janula malachina Theridiidae 14, f. 30-33 (f) Episinus malachinus
Janula nebulosa Theridiidae 21, f. 64-68 (f, S) Episinus nebulosus
Janula salobrensis Theridiidae 22, f. 73-78 (f, Dm) Episinus salobrensis
Neopisinus cognatus Theridiidae 13 (S) Episinus cognatus
Neopisinus gratiosus Theridiidae 13, f. 1-4 (mf) Episinus gratiosus
Neopisinus recifensis Theridiidae 12, f. 8 (Dm) Episinus recifensis
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