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Levi, H. W. (1964d). American spiders of the genus Phoroncidia (Araneae: Theridiidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 131: 65-86. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Phoroncidia americana Theridiidae 74 Phoroncidia americana
Phoroncidia biocellata Theridiidae 81, f. 67-71 (f) Phoroncidia biocellata
Phoroncidia cribrata Theridiidae 79, f. 52-56 (f) Phoroncidia cribrata
Phoroncidia flavolimbata Theridiidae 81, f. 57-61 (f) Phoroncidia flavolimbata
Phoroncidia gira Theridiidae 84, f. 82-86 (Df) Phoroncidia gira
Phoroncidia longiceps Theridiidae 72, f. 12-17 (m) Phoroncidia longiceps
Phoroncidia moyobamba Theridiidae 70, f. 1-5 (Dm) Phoroncidia moyobamba
Phoroncidia nicoleti Theridiidae 75, f. 24-26 (Dm; N.B.: if actually congeneric with above, will need replacement name) Phoroncidia nicoleti
Phoroncidia pennata Theridiidae 77, f. 38-41 (Df) Phoroncidia coquimbo
Phoroncidia ravot Theridiidae 76, f. 27-29 (Dm) Phoroncidia ravot
Phoroncidia reimoseri Theridiidae 83, f. 77-81 (Df) Phoroncidia reimoseri
Phoroncidia rubromaculata Theridiidae 72, f. 21-23 (m) Phoroncidia rubromaculata
Phoroncidia saboya Theridiidae 82, f. 72-76 (Df) Phoroncidia saboya
Phoroncidia scutellata Theridiidae 79, f. 42-45 (f) Phoroncidia scutellata
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 73, f. 18-20 (m) Phoroncidia scutula
Phoroncidia studo Theridiidae 71, f. 6-11 (Df) Phoroncidia studo
Phoroncidia tina Theridiidae 78, f. 35-37 (Dm) Phoroncidia tina
Phoroncidia tricuspidata Theridiidae 80, f. 46-51 (f) Phoroncidia tricuspidata
Phoroncidia triunfo Theridiidae 82, f. 62-65 (Df) Phoroncidia triunfo
Phoroncidia variabilis Theridiidae 77, f. 30-34 (Df) Phoroncidia margamarga
Stemmops ornatus Theridiidae 77 Stemmops ornatus
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