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Main, B. Y. (1964). Spiders of Australia: A Guide to their Identification with Brief Notes on the Natural History of Common Forms. Jacaranda Press, Brisbane, 124 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aname diversicolor Anamidae 48, f. A-G (m) Dekana diversicolor
Arbanitis fuscipes Idiopidae 29, f. D-G (Tf from Arbanitis, Dm) Dyarcyops fuscipes
Argiope aetherea Araneidae 102, f. D-E (f) Argiope aetherea
Argiope protensa Araneidae 102, f. F-H (f) Argiope protensa
Argiope trifasciata Araneidae 102, f. A-C (f) Argiope trifasciata
Atrax robustus Atracidae 40, f. A-F (m) Atrax robustus
Blakistonia aurea Idiopidae 30, f. A-G (m) Blakistonia aurea
Chenistonia maculata Anamidae 46, f. F (m) Chenistonia maculata
Eriophora pustulosa Araneidae 100, f. G (f) Araneus pustulosus
Eutittha mordax Cheiracanthiidae 76, f. A-F (m) Cheiracanthium mordax
Gaius villosus Idiopidae 36, f. A-C (m) Anidiops villosus
Hadronyche formidabilis Atracidae 40, f. G-I (m) Atrax formidabilis
Hortophora transmarina Araneidae 100, f. B-F (f) Araneus transmarinus
Idiommata blackwalli Barychelidae 20, f. A-G (m) Idiommata blackwalli
Idiosoma rhaphiduca Idiopidae 34, f. E-H (m) Aganippe raphiduca
Idiosoma sigillatum Idiopidae 32, f. A-D, F (m) Idiosoma sigillatum
Idiosoma subtriste Idiopidae 34, f. A-D (m) Aganippe subtristis
Lampona cylindrata Lamponidae 80, f. A-D (m) Lampona cylindrata
Proshermacha tepperi Anamidae 46, f. A-E (m) Chenistonia tepperi
Stanwellia nebulosa Pycnothelidae 41, f. A-F (Tmf from Aname) Stanwellia nebulosa
Tasmanicosa godeffroyi Lycosidae 120, f. B-D (Tmf from Geolycosa) Lycosa godeffroyi
Tasmanicosa leuckartii Lycosidae 120, f. E-F (Tmf from Scaptocosa=Geolycosa) Lycosa leuckarti
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