Included taxa

Lawrence, R. F. (1965). New and little known Arachnida from the Namib desert, S.W. Africa. Scientific Papers of the Namib Desert Research Station 27: 1-12. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Leucorchestris arenicola Sparassidae 6, f. 3d-e (Dm) [] Leucorchestris kochi
Leucorchestris porti Sparassidae 6, f. 3f-g (Dm) Leucorchestris porti
Leucorchestris steyni Sparassidae 5, f. 3a-b (Df) Leucorchestris steyni
Orchestrella longipes Sparassidae 8, f. 4a-b (Dm) Orchestrella longipes
Psammoduon deserticola Zodariidae 10, f. 4c-d (Dm) Caesetius deserticola
Genus Family Page
Orchestrella Lawrence, 1965 Sparassidae 7