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Lugetti, G. & Tongiorgi, P. (1965). Revisione delle specie italiane dei generi Arctosa C. L. Koch e Tricca Simon con note su una Acantholycosa delle Alpi Giulie (Araneae-Lycosidae). Redia 49: 165-229. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acantholycosa pedestris Lycosidae 219, f. 18.1-2, 19.1-5 (mf, removed from S of Acantholycosa rupicola) Acantholycosa pedestris
Alopecosa pulverulenta Lycosidae 207, f. XIV.1-3 (m, misidentified) Arctosa renidens
Arctosa alpigena Lycosidae 212, f. XVI.1-3, XVII.1-2 (mf, T from Citilycosa) Tricca alpigena
Arctosa cinerea Lycosidae 171, f. I.1-4 (mf) Arctosa cinerea
Arctosa figurata Lycosidae 204, f. XIII.1-5 (mf) Arctosa figurata
Arctosa fulvolineata Lycosidae 186, f. VII.1-4 (mf, S of Arctosa subterranea) Arctosa fulvolineata
Arctosa lacustris Lycosidae 201, f. XII.1-4 (mf) Arctosa lacustris
Arctosa leopardus Lycosidae 194, f. X.1-4 (mf, S of Arctosa brevispina (Kulczyński, 1908)) Arctosa leopardus
Arctosa lutetiana Lycosidae 210, f. XV.1-3 (mf) Tricca lutetiana
Arctosa maculata Lycosidae 197, f. XI.1-4 (mf, removed from S of Arctosa cinerea, rejecting Simon, 1937: 1138 and Roewer, 1955c: 228; S of Lycorma amylacea) Arctosa maculata
Arctosa perita Lycosidae 175, f. II.1-4, III, IV.1 (mf) Arctosa perita
Arctosa personata Lycosidae 191, f. IV.1-3 (f) Arctosa strandi
Arctosa renidescens Lycosidae 207, f. XIV.4 (f; misidentified per Buchar & Thaler, 1995a: 488) Arctosa renidens
Arctosa renidescens Lycosidae 216, f. XVI.4-5, XVII.3-4 (mf; misidentified per Buchar & Thaler, 1995a: 488) Tricca lamperti
Arctosa similis Lycosidae 183, f. VI.1-4 (mf; misidentified per Buchar, Knoflach & Thaler, 2006: 334) Arctosa variana
Arctosa variana Lycosidae 180, f. IV.2, V.1-4 (Dmf, lapsus) [] Arctosa perita latitorax
Arctosa villica Lycosidae 189, f. VIII.1-2 (mf) Arctosa villica
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