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Paik, K. Y. (1965c). Five new species of linyphiid spiders from Korea. Theses collection of Kyungpook University 9: 23-32. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anguliphantes nasus Linyphiidae 27, f. 10-14 (Df) Lepthyphantes nasus
Eldonnia kayaensis Linyphiidae 24, f. 7-9 (Df) Centromerus kayaensis
Lepthyphantes latus Linyphiidae 27, f. 2, 15-17 (Df) Lepthyphantes latus
Neriene kimyongkii Linyphiidae 29, f. 3, 18-22 (Df) Linyphia kimyongkii
Strandella pargongensis Linyphiidae 23, f. 1, 4-6 (Df) Phaulothrix pargongensis
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